The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

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Genesis+ Septic Shock!
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Oct 30, 2019 @ 5:07pm
Nov 10, 2019 @ 8:05pm
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Genesis+ Septic Shock!

Something smells funny beneath the Caves...

After over 2 years, let's go to the Septic!

- Septic is back and in the best shape of its life! It's been ported to the newer StageAPI for greatly enhanced stability and performance.
- To access the floor, go to Ch 2 and look for a greenish rock.
- The enemies have been patched, and the bosses are back!
- Some unreleased content has been restored! Enjoy some previously unseen enemies, rooms, and more!
- New rooms have been made with enemies in working order.

Check the changelog.txt for a full list of changes.

Thanks to:
NatoPotato for fixing lots of broken items
BroskiPlays, for permission, and everyone else who worked on Genesis
Boogs, Gavitro, and Filloax for archiving some particularly juicy older builds
Erfly for making Septic rooms
HappyHead for making the Septic Shock text in the icon
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Feb 12 @ 7:13pm
Bug Reports and FAQ
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boy i die!!! shit boy 16 hours ago 
Please remove the ability for an energy/music machine to spawn using judgment, it severely impacts gameplay and planning. Thank you.
BroskiPlays Oct 21 @ 8:34am 
+DamageMaximo Thank you, i am the composer of the music
DamageMaximo Oct 15 @ 12:52pm 
This is a great mod, the new floor looks gorgeous and unique, the new secret boss fight is pretty fun, but I have some small problems with it, just some observations that could be takes into note:

1 - The floor music is addicting when you start hearing it, it's creepy and fits the floor theme, but it could be improved, it can get repetitive really quickly.

2 - More unique hazards to make the floor feel more alive and fun to explore, and more unique enemies with unique designs and attacks patterns.

Those are basically the only problems I had with it.
I hope these two things could be improved.
2894873372 Jun 11 @ 5:59pm 
I don't know what to do after I beat the green boss.
weed smoker Jun 2 @ 3:39pm 
Xen0 May 15 @ 4:37am 
My favourite mod (and I have seen a lot of mods for this game) :3 Still waiting for some bug fixes tho
Roncoyeah Apr 15 @ 3:48am 
@budjmt Thanks! Great mod btw
budjmt  [author] Apr 13 @ 7:01pm 
@Roncoyeah To disable a mod from outside the game, go to the mod's folder in your Documents/My Games/AB+ Mods folder, create an empty file and rename it to (if that doesn't work copy one from another disabled mod)
Roncoyeah Apr 11 @ 11:15am 
help! I can't deactivate the mod from the game without it crashing, and if I uninstall it from steam the game won't even strat. Any advices? I need to do the daily challenges please. Thx
budjmt  [author] Apr 8 @ 8:43pm 
@Huntwar111 go back to the starting room of the floor