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Planetary Purge
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Planetary Purge

"Planetary Purge" is a mod for the game Stellaris.
Stellaris was released by Paradox in May 2016.

With this mod you are able to purge all pops on a planet.
Purging all pops on a planet doesn't matter what species rights are set.

The mod adds 2 new planetary decisions:
- Launch planetary extermination purge
- Launch planetary displacement purge

Kills all pops on the planet.
The Chance for a rebellion to start is high.
Impact for empire opinions is high.
The completion requires 1 year.

Tries to displace/expel all pops on the planet.
The chance for a rebellion to start is low.
Impact for empire opinions is low.
If displace/expel is not possible for a pop it gets exterminated.
The completion requires 1.5 years.

Purging influences the opinion of other empires.
Extermination has a higher opinion impact than displacement.
Purging robotic pops does NOT influence the opinion of other empires.

You need at least 2 planets to be able to launch planetary purges.
So you won't be able to purge your last planet.

The mod uses the same restrictions as in vanilla gameplay for the purge types.
You need to have the policy for purging activated.

There is a chance for a rebellion to start 1 - 2 months
after the planetary purge decision has been launched.

All mod contents are new additions to the game and don't alter original game files or vanilla definitions.
Everything is balanced and tested.
Optimal code implementation.
No bugs known.
Not ironman compatible (like any other mod that alters gameplay or adds new content).
The mod should be compatible with any other mod.
Works in singleplayer & multiplayer.
Is savegame compatible.

Made By Slade (Scipting) & Da Sittenhöfer (Graphic Design)
Members Of Vega-GP (Vega Game Projects) - Gaming & Modding Community
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muzaazi Sep 9 @ 4:13pm 
Anihilatitron Aug 26 @ 5:55pm 
whoops, sorry, I almost accidentally flagged yer comment, dev. (I thought the "quote this comment" button was right there; I don't use chat much.) But yeah, that would be a sensible thing to do; I think that fanatical xenophobe AI should be able to use the planetary purge on planets that are over 75% overrun with the fowl xeno scum.
Slade  [author] Aug 26 @ 12:00pm 
Btw I don't own any Stellaris DLC.
If you want to support me you can send me a steam gift with stellaris dlc :P
I could then start modding dlc content aswell :)
Slade  [author] Aug 26 @ 12:00pm 
To answer your questions:

- Does AI use this mod?
No, AI does not use planetary purges atm.
It could be implemented but I think it is hard to find conditions where it would make sense.
I don't want AI wo start weakening itself by purging countless planets :P
For example I could make AI purge planets when they have many planets and they are fanatic xenophobic and a planet have > 75% xeno pops ...

-I'm not seeing why you wanna do that when you can set unwanted rights.
It expands the already existing purge game mechanics.
With this mod you can purge an entire planet independently of the species rights.
Also you can abandon planet colonies this way.

-Is it ethic locked?
It is locked to the vanilla game restrictions for purging.
In fact you need to set the corresponding empire policies that allow purging to be able to use the planetary purges.
So it is kind of ethic locked because as far as I know xenophiles are not able to allow purging in their policies.
Slade  [author] Aug 26 @ 12:00pm 
Hey guys, thanks a lot for your comments.
There are many nice and funny posts.
Many ppl seem to like my mod.
I appreciate that :)
Anihilatitron Aug 25 @ 9:33pm 

But seriously though, this mod idea is freaking glorious. Quick question; can A.I. use this mod as well?
BoHamッ Aug 25 @ 10:19am 
This mod is so useful!
Diabetus_Supreme Aug 23 @ 4:10pm 
Suffer not the alien to live!
=SGC= Longrod Von Hugendong Aug 23 @ 1:48am 
Ahh, fantastic! No more waiting decades to purge the filthy Xenos from conquered worlds :D
Hexagoros Aug 22 @ 8:35pm 
Does the AI use this? Please say yes. ^__^