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2.3.3 Asteroid Waves Anomaly Bug Fix
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Jul 15 @ 8:33am
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2.3.3 Asteroid Waves Anomaly Bug Fix

As requested, I've uploaded this tiny bug fix mod. It fixes an issue with the Asteroid Waves anomaly outcome Gravity Crush (anomaly.130). The Asteroid Waves anomaly can spawn on any kind of asteroid (rock/ice), but for unknown reasons the Gravity Crush outcome checks to see if the triggering object is a rock asteroid; if it is, all's well. If not, you'll complete studying the anomaly and then nothing will happen. This mod makes it so Gravity Crush doesn't discriminate and will thus work properly.

Updated for 2.3.3 so the game doesn't yell at you for using this mod, but this should be forward and backwards compatible across every version of Stellaris, if you happen to be running an old version for whatever reason.

Bug report:

I've got a few other bugfix mods, go check them out, and maybe give them a Rate Up so that other people can find them too.
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The Wealthy Aardvark  [author] Aug 12 @ 5:13am 
Yes, 2.3.3 needs it. This bug has been around since whenever ice asteroids were introduced, I imagine, and the root cause has probably been around since pre-release when they were still hammering out how anomalies were going to work. But good point, I'll throw the version number in there.

As for a compilation mod: maybe, if I find and fix a few more for it to be worth it long term? It'd certainly help keep a subscription base, but I don't know if I'll be finding and fixing bugs in a few months or not. As for the ones I have made, they're all compatible with each other, so no worries about that.
Tenshi Aug 11 @ 11:32pm 
May you compile all your fixes into one mod? Unofficial fix patch or something :)
Tenshi Aug 11 @ 11:25pm 
2.3.3 needs it?