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( Twinks Kaldorei )

"To create a world of perfection.. the imperfect must be swept away....." Queen Aszhara

Well i finally decided to bring back one most favorite race of all time to stellaris! This time better and brighter than before!

Enjoy the following features!

  • A unique ship and cityset, fitting to the glory of the Kaldorei Empire! The shipset is in silver and has something for all megastructures!

  • A unique home system fitting to the inhabitants of the Kaldorei Empire!!

  • Balanced traits, and civics, giving it a unique playing experience to play as the glorious elven nation. (of course you are free to play without them :P )
    There is one balanced Playstyle and one Precursor Themed Playstile, "Arcane Precursor" gives you special technologies and components. While "Arcane Empire" is the normal playstyle. Just apply what you need!

  • A namelist and a flag are included

  • enjoy unique coloured particles for the vanilla weapons if you use the Kaldorei shipset! (optical only)

  • Unique sounds for the Kaldorei in the diplomacy screen!

  • Unique robot portraits for the Kaldoreii! The infamous arcane constructs are at your command now! Fully animated!

  • This time no civics and traits are predetermined but keep in mind. If you want to play with the highborne, your species must be IMMORTAL

  • However i have recently added a normal version. When you create your empire, just take the "Kaldorei" species class, instead of the highborne one as they have the normal lifespans.

Special Thanks to:

Chirumiru/Perawatz for allowing me to use sound effects and allowing me to edit some weapon particles for this mod!

AnemoneMeer for localisation fixes and adjustments

As ususal, feel free to leave a comment and a "thumbs up" is appreciated!


If you want to conact me you can also find me on the Stellaris Modding Den Discord.

#elves #precursor #ships #graphics #city
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Twink315  [author] Sep 5 @ 5:43am 
Hmm a CTD did not occur in my tests otherwise i would fixed it. In case of modcompabilitiy... well.. i can't check out every existant mod on the workshop. If a mod is compatible or not depends on if two mods overwrite the same files. This mod touches so little files that it is quite unlikely that it causes issues.
demiclise Sep 4 @ 3:56pm 
First fantastic mod. I have both Sin'dorei and Kaldorei. Do have a problem while the Sin'dorei loads fine the Kaldorei ctd's and load of a new game. Does it conflict with any mods?
Chernould Sep 1 @ 11:50am 
@Cyberspace thanks!
Cyberspacer Sep 1 @ 11:47am 

thats supposed to be there, its a 50 year modifier for zero pop growth, and for balance
Chernould Sep 1 @ 11:39am 
For some reason my planet only has 50 pops and doesn't make more, help?
Twink315  [author] Aug 28 @ 3:02pm 
well, there is no normal way to get technology. The reason for this is this, how to explain it, the specific something, one empre has and another one cannot get. But, if you want to get the tech via console command but i forgot what was the command.

I never did a downscaled compability, and. i really don't even know where to start even, and i am currently very distracted and/or busy with other stuff
IamSagittare Aug 27 @ 3:50pm 
Is there any way to research arcane secrets? The weight in files is 0, and I can't see an event that gives it besides the "precursor" civic that gets it.
Cyberspacer Aug 27 @ 7:02am 

constantly pestering Twink isnt gonna get things anywhere
Starkiller Aug 27 @ 4:26am 
Please, grant us a downscaled ships compatibility patch.
This is too awesome to not to have, but downscaled ships is essential.
Twink315  [author] Aug 26 @ 3:40am 
Something on your end, i suspect that it doesn't work there where peoeple make up their own empire and do not set it up properly