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SMMG Formula 3 Series
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SMMG Formula 3 Series

SMMG Formula 3 Series (2019-2020-2021-2022) build 1.86
Terms of Use: This mod is not to be used in public or corporate events held by public or private companies (such as simulators) without the expressed permission of SMMG. For such circumstances, the email address listed below can be contacted for licensing agreements. Each file of the mod cannot be edited and/or re-used in whole or in part for any reason without the express permission of SMMG. Do not redistribute, upload, modify or sell any of our work. For permission and licensing queries, please contact "Formula32019@gmail.com" - PHYSICS from real data of manufacturers. THANKS TO: Chris "redapg" (physics and 3D and special effect for rain in several parts of the mod) - Gilles Benoit (3D and 2D) - Leonardo Nogueira, Chris Payne and elnando8 (painting) - PLAYLIFE and Eddy (aerodynamics) - Sounds recorded and sampled by Felipe Giro for GP3 - Rui Santos and avenger82 (extensive tests) - Slow Motion (project leader, physics, 2D, painting) - "Mr.D", engineer of Formula 2 and 3 team - Patr1ot for AMS 3d of PitCrew. Special thanks to Engineering Consult by WVK GmbH for providing original 3d base of the Formula3 and feedback of real drivers. Special thanks to ASR FORMULA for full permission in using new driver and his anm made by McNolo. Special thanks to Nicola Acciarri for his advice and review on physical side - "Parts of this mod were taken from rFactor 2 and are used with the explicit permission of Studio 397. These parts remain the property of Studio 397 BV and may not be re-used for any purpose, including other mods without the explicit, written permission of Studio 397 BV. For more information on rFactor 2 and Studio 397, please visit: https://www.studio-397.com/".

Build 1.86, August, 05th, 2022:
- reverted back to #01 Edgar (season 2022)
- maintenance update

Some considerations:
1. the mod has the final physics and tuned to the performances of the real cars, validated and tested by F3 engineer and some driver, even if we are still fine tuning also depending of little adjustment to the real car made by Dallara and FIA!
2. the settings are the suggested values of Dallara, but can be highly improved with a better setup
3. the steering wheel is working with all gauges of real car (some limitations depend of the lack of code in rF2)
4. added SEASON 2019 with few little differences to the 2020 (no TPMS gauge on steering wheel, no ride sensor, different TPMS cam antenna, different gear-per-track options)
5. added SEASON 2021 with different mass and inertia due to changes in regulations by FIA
6. added SEASON 2022 with different steering wheel due to changes in regulations by FIA
7. SEASONS 2019 - 2020 - 2021 - 2022 use same templates

I personally would thank Chris Payne for the love deserved in the years to all our developments. He now on stops painting due to the several duties at work, family and mainly dedicated to volunteering activities in helping at-risk young people.

Here is the link for manual dowloading: --->https://mega.nz/file/uoRB3BBJ#23uG1FdgKksP3BcEYSmBru8hgxlvGtf2xmz_znAYXfk

As usual the mod is available on Steam, now on with the templates into the templates folder of rFactor2. Anyway here are the specific links:
NEW main template: --->https://www.dropbox.com/s/zu4yahpcxk77hi1/Form3_2020_2022_template_PBR.psd?dl=1
helmet template: --->http://www.mediafire.com/file/sj4fy7kuuv8ggck/Form3_2020_BASIC_HELMET_rain_template.psd/file
driver template: --->http://www.mediafire.com/file/cj1exaaj4t5msb5/Form3_2020_DRIVER_template.psd/file
gloves template: --->http://www.mediafire.com/file/mik8wugwcyxcut2/Form3_2020_gloves_template.psd/file
rain visor template: --->http://www.mediafire.com/file/9z1ywp3a261q3ip/Form3_2020_RainVisor_template.psd/file

The name of the mod currently is: SMMG_F3Series
The name in the launcher is: SMMG Formula 3 Series
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Jan 3 @ 6:33am
Kick off from server
Antoine Viard
< >
jezecek78 Jul 8 @ 8:25am 
Super F3 mod. Thanks.
it's just necessary to lower the AI, around 95% is unearthly fast.
Maybe 88-90% is just right... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IAGImGPcnY
Will Jonny Edgar's trident racer be added now that he is returning?
murfy713 May 30 @ 2:49pm 
the mod is good. but the IA at 95% make 1,57.xxx, in Spa (oficial mod rf2) the real record is 2,05,125....i make with baseline 2,08,xxx. but the performance of IA is not real
MinoX May 24 @ 1:30pm 
Hi, nice car, very good work. One issue though: the steering range when set to "Range set by vehicle" reads 540°. The in-cockpit steering angle from lock to lock seems to be 460° and not 540°. Any chance to fix this ?
[LB] Nickinatorz May 6 @ 2:59pm 
Great mod, love it!
Juicy90765 Apr 21 @ 4:17am 
great mod..i think the reflections are too bright
Adrian W Feb 10 @ 3:07pm 
fair enough, as other cars aren't consistent either as a comparison
marcobost  [author] Feb 10 @ 6:47am 
Lap times are same than real car and the mod was developed for training pro drivers with the collaboration of few F3 teams, so...
Adrian W Feb 10 @ 12:45am 
this mod is fun but it seems a bit too fast and also a lot of grip.
I know the recent years F3 was faster than before but this is faster than my F2 mods, F3.5 and the pace seems not too far off from the F1 MR01 from studio 397. in reality all the F1 cars should be much faster than F3
marcobost  [author] Jan 10 @ 8:36am 
to Foose: we developed the mod before hundreds of rF2 builds released by S397, where they worked on the whole scene environment of the game. In the case of this mod I hope we'll be able to improve the look of the interiors (left and right side of the cockpit) to decrease the excessive reflection. The halo is like it should be, because it is part of the body also if that specific area is faced inwards and we cannot control how the rF2 code generates the reflections.

At the time to release the 2022 series, or maybe before, we'll have fixed the interiors reflections.