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The Utopian Dream (2.3)
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Jun 10 @ 2:53am
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You need DLC to use this item.

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The Utopian Dream (2.3)

In 1 collection by AlphaAsh
How I Play Vanilla Stellaris 2.3.X
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Game-changing Ascension Perks & earlier megastructures.
Requires Stellaris: Utopia DLC.

Several of the megastructure techs can be unlocked by other ascension perks.
  • Enigmatic Engineering unlocks the Mega Art Installation tech.
  • Eternal Vigilance unlocks the Sentry Array tech.
  • Galactic Force Projection unlocks the Strategic Co-ordination Center tech.
  • Master Builders unlocks the Matter Decompressor tech.
  • Shared Destiny unlocks the Interstellar Assembly tech.
  • Technological Ascendancy unlocks the Science Nexus tech.

Lots of changes to Ascension Perks to make them less rubbish and more game-changing.
See slideshow for details.

Megastructures that require the MegaCorp DLC still require you to have the MegaCorp DLC.
Ascension Perks that require the MegaCorp DLC still require you to have the MegaCorp DLC.
Ascension Perks that require the Apocalypse DLC still require you to have the Apocalypse DLC.

Otherwise, you do not need the MegaCorp or Apocalypse DLC to use this mod. You DO need the Utopia DLC.

This mod modifies the following vanilla file:

If another mod over-rides that, it's unlikely to be compatible with this mod.

Updated for v2.3.
Should be fine with an existing save-game.
Not ironpants/cheev compatible.

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10 hours ago
Compatibility Flag Request
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Comrade Trump Jun 18 @ 2:56am 
Great Mod that’s really improved our multyplayer games, though I think the buff to Synthetic ascension feels a little unwarranted. Making the previously unpickable and boring perks more of an option is great, though buffing Synthetic ascension reduces choice of paths considering It’s already the best pick. For instance, Efficient Processors gives +5% to all jobs, (equal to the buff you have given to Synthetic Evolution), and yet Efficient Processors costs 3 trait points, equal to the number of points gained from the entirety of Evolution mastery; meaning the buff to Synthetic Evolution alone is now greater than the entirety of another final ascension path.+17% growth is great enough on its own.
-robo- Jun 15 @ 9:50am 
You are a fair and reasonable developer, Alpha. Also thanks for your hard work on this. <3
苏白@夢璃花 Jun 14 @ 1:30am 
Anyways, thank you for taking the time to write the reply
AlphaAsh  [author] Jun 14 @ 1:26am 
There was a time when I enjoyed teaching how to mod the game, and I was an advocate of getting others modding the game. Paradox failed to support that, I feel, and due to time constraints and abuse of my availability I found it a misguided goal in general.
AlphaAsh  [author] Jun 14 @ 1:23am 
Not my problem.
苏白@夢璃花 Jun 14 @ 1:21am 
yeah, I tried, but it seems not a lot people there
苏白@夢璃花 Jun 14 @ 1:20am 
I did add the empire modifier by events and on_action.
but I want this modifier hidden
AlphaAsh  [author] Jun 14 @ 1:19am 
There are numerous places you can go with modding questions, including workshop discussions, a reddit sub and Paradox has a sub-forum dedicated to Stellaris modding. There's a few discord servers with communities specialising in it also.
AlphaAsh  [author] Jun 14 @ 1:17am 
You can mask empire modifiers now, although I've not looked into the how. It looks to be a new feature with 2.3. Empire modifiers can essentially be grouped (like other static modifiers) and then that group given a label, which is what is displayed in the government screen. However, it's usually broken down in the tooltip iirc, so not sure if you can prevent that.
苏白@夢璃花 Jun 14 @ 1:14am 
Actually, i do have a question, but it's not about this mod. Would kindly tell me is it possible that add a empire modifier but it won't show on the government screen. I tried to add a hidden megastructure build speed modifier, and no luck to make it work