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Millenium Dawn - GFX Update
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Jun 3 @ 8:57am
Jun 15 @ 10:40am
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Millenium Dawn - GFX Update

"Hey, when did my Typhoon become an F-15?"

This mod has a very simple purpose - to update and solve every graphic and localisation errors. It changes and adds new icons to the tech trees to better reflect the historical acquisition and usage of equipment of respective countries. The aim of this mod is to eventually update and fix all of the icons for major and notable nations for Millennium Dawn.

Current list of countries worked on thus far:
- UK (Vehicle, Air, Helo tabs)
- Russia (Vehicle, Air, Helo tabs)
- Singapore (Infantry, Vehicle tabs)
- USA (Infantry, Vehicle, Air, Helo tabs)
- Germany (Vehicle, Help tabs)
- Japan (Vehicle, Air, Helo tabs)
- Greece (Vehicle tab)
- South Korea (Infantry, Vehicle tabs)
- France (Vehicle, Air, Helo tabs)

Latest Changelog:
- South Korea gets a new K11 icon in place of the XK8.
- Added MBTs, IFVs, APCs, Recon icons for South Korea.
- Added 5 new helicopter icons for France.
- Added transport plane icons for Japan.
- Reworked British Challenger I icon.
- Reworked British helicopter icons.
- Reworked US Dragoon 300 APC.
- Reworked some vehicle icons for US (Tolis)
- Reworked infantry weapon icons for US (Tolis)
- Reworked 4 Russian aircraft icons (Tolis)

Tolis for the American tree, and working on Germany and Greece (and a bit of Russia too).
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Jun 11 @ 7:45am
< >
Chief Rocket Designer Jun 12 @ 8:14pm 
As a note the M1A2 sep2 is actually the sep 3
Chief Rocket Designer Jun 12 @ 5:01pm 
Thank Goodness
aegisacer  [author] Jun 12 @ 3:22pm 
The 2025-2035 GFX will be updated in the future, but right now our main focus is to work on the current set of vehicles and weapons that existed today that are either misrepresented or unrepresented.

I mean, you can take a look at the Japanese air tabs for some of the ideas I played around with - both the AH-22 and the F-27 are fictional aircraft, but were designed based off modern day models.
Chief Rocket Designer Jun 12 @ 2:02pm 
Im not saying to actual add hover tanks that being said the currant models are preposterous for the technical reasons I listed. I just want realistic models. That does not mean in can not be futuristic but still. I quite liked the original MD 2030 tank the M2 for the Americans it seemed to have a digital skin so it could project its surronding onto it. This technology is under development right now in real life so it seems like a good add. This is what I mean you could add a laser CIWS to the tank for that futuristic look as well. Just right now the models are insanity.
Hydrohydroxic Acid Jun 12 @ 12:28pm 
I like Chief Rocket Designer's idea a lot actually. Taking inspiration from the Battlefield titles, you could add the Type 32 Nekomata, or HT-95 Levkov. Both being hover MBT's
adamski2016 Jun 12 @ 11:14am 
please do naval gfx?
aegisacer  [author] Jun 12 @ 9:50am 
Nope. It only works with the current MD mod. I'll have to replace the directories of every image in the gfx file to make it work for MD Classic.
Fallen The Liberator Jun 12 @ 9:20am 
Does it work with the Millenium Dawn Classic mod?
Chief Rocket Designer Jun 11 @ 10:08pm 
A very good mod! May I make a suggestion? An addition or a submod to this mod that makes the the furturistic GFX look more real. Frankly a hovering tanks seems more useful than the current graphic for the 2035 American tank. Imagine that thing trying to go over a river, bridge, or mountain. The only place that tank would be useful is in flat fields or the desert. The same thing goes for the other vehicles that are in that style. The models should still look futuristic but not like a fortress on tracks which some rail gun cannon on it.

Either way a great mod and I look forward to the new additions when ever they may come.
-[BSM]- Clarck Jun 11 @ 12:29am 
thanks for your work man! amazing! if you need help to find weapons or veicles for nations write me, i can't do gfx but i can find informations !