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Portal 2

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Demon Arisen's Logic Puzzles
All of my test chambers. Enjoy!
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Created by Demon Arisen
This is it. My 40th test chamber. And it's one of my best yet.

This challenging brain-teaser is almost certainly my hardest one ever: you'll have to use all the wit and intelligence you can muster in order to complete it.

Estimated difficulty: Advanced

Created by Demon Arisen
Switch seamlessly between a light bridge and a funnel with just the flick of a switch. Well... With the deactivation of a laser node. But that doesn't sound as catchy.

So yeah, this one isn't too hard. But it uses an interesting mechanic and I hope it's...
Created by Demon Arisen
EDIT 1: Refined the test by removing angled panel and portalable floor, checked for exploits and trapping issues.

EDIT 2: Removed some portalable surfaces to prevent exploits

Order is everything. Only by placing the right portals in the right places ...
Created by Demon Arisen
I wanted to make something involving a reversed funnel, so here we are!

Difficulty: Easy - Medium

Check out my workshop for more logical and fun test chambers!

Comments and criticism are welcome. :)...
Created by Demon Arisen
Simply complicated. The easy way out doesn't always work.

Cave Johnson here.

Lab boys tell me most of you were unable to solve this test and you're stuck in there with nothing but mantis-men corpses to keep you company, and now you're groaning that ...
Created by Demon Arisen
An intermediate difficulty puzzle, Reset involves only buttons, fizzlers, and a cube - but while the test elements are simple, the puzzle itself is not....
Pure Logic
Created by Demon Arisen
Logic and Lasers and Light Bridges make up this brain-bending puzzle. It looks simple, but appearances can be deceptive.

Comments and criticism are welcome. :)...
Created by Demon Arisen
Finally! A new chamber! It's been a while, hasn't it?

Combine a light bridge and an excursion funnel with repulsion gel to defeat the turrets and reach the exit in this mind-boggling intermediate difficulty puzzle.

Comments and criticism would be greatl...
Pure Logic Less Logical
Created by Hazellius
A small change to the original map by Demon Arisen. Never seen this little concept used in a map as the intended solution and I like it.

Be sure to check out the original map:
And Demon ...
Created by Demon Arisen
Your cube can't possibly be in two places at once... Well... Not unless you think with portals...

Difficulty: Intermediate

UPDATE 1: Streamlined gameplay, refined aesthetics, tweaks to avoid confusion, slightly different final solution, prevented exploit...
Created by Demon Arisen
Not my best, to be honest, but hopefully it's still fun, and I think the solution is a little bit clever. :)...
Created by Demon Arisen
Of course I won't provide a description for my creation, what are you talking about?

I noticed I haven't done much with separate heights and levels, so I created this logic puzzle as a little experiment. Have fun!

Difficulty: Intermediate

Minor ti...
So close.....
Created by Demon Arisen
.....and yet so far.

The exit is right in front of you, but you may need just that little extra blob of gel to reach it. It's bouncy puzzle-solving fun for the whole family! Okay, maybe not the whole family.

Difficulty - Medium.

Comments and criticism a...
Created by Demon Arisen
The sequel to my highly-praised* chamber Indirect. Just direct the laser into the catcher and walk to the exit. Simple.... Right?

If you are stuck try Indirect first, it teaches lots of the concepts displayed here.

Difficulty: Easy/Medium (Depends u...
Excursion Conundrum
Created by Demon Arisen
This was going to be a Hammer map with custom visuals, music, dialogue, secrets, surprises, and awesomeness. But it isn't, because Hammer is the most buggy, unintuitive, confusing, overcomplicated program I have ever used... It's very powerful but I just d...
Indirect Redux
Created by Demon Arisen
A remake of one of my best chambers (Indirect), Indirect Redux is a head-scratching puzzle which looks extremely simple - but it isn't.

So what's changed from the original?

It's better looking, gameplay flows better, the puzzle has been tweaked and refin...
Just a little one...
Created by Demon Arisen
Just a little chamber, because a little chamber is better than no chamber at all.

Not my best I know, but I'm out of ideas.... :(
Created by cyhborg
This is a remake of Demon Arisen's map Levels. I'm not too happy about this one, but it'll have to do....
The Pulse Experiment
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave Johnson here. We just finished perfecting the new Aperture Science Oscillating Pulse Drive - catchy, right? It allows stuff to switch on and off on an automatic timer.

Anyway, soon we're going to use this new technology to create a new type of str...
Created by Demon Arisen
EDIT 1: Completely removed the two normal cubes, the flip panel, and the button which activates it, since none of them were required to solve the test (whoops) . Also made lots of visual tweaks.

Difficulty: Medium

(3x3x3) Nudge.
Created by Demon Arisen
Just a tiny test because I had this idea to do with using a light bridge in a clever way. A proper chamber should be out soon, but you can play this in the meantime. Aren't you lucky? Yes you are.

Estimated playtime: <5 mins, probably.

Difficulty: In...
(3x3x3) Direction
Created by Demon Arisen
EDIT 1: Neither the cube nor the player should be able to become trapped. Moved the laserfield and added a respawn button for the cube.

A slightly trickier and more complex 3x3x3 room than my last one, again using a slightly odd technique possibly unknown...
Access Denied
Created by Demon Arisen
This may just be one of my best tests yet.

To mark my 30th chamber (woo!) I made this test which I had a lot of fun doing and which I reckon might be one of my best.

The solution is hidden in plain sight in this simple-looking chamber which is far from s...
A Light Challenge
Created by Demon Arisen
EDIT 2: Extended the grating to prevent exploits.

EDIT 1: Made objectives clearer, for example the exit is now directly in the players vision as they enter the chamber. Added grating and removed part of a portalable surface to prevent unintended solutions...
Created by Demon Arisen
Use a light bridge and a laser to complete this deviously compact test chamber.

UPDATE: Thanks to RectorRocks for the new title <3...
Pons Lucis
Created by Demon Arisen
Utilise a light bridge and a funnel to reach the exit. The catch? You only have access to one of those two at a time.

Difficulty: Intermediate

I'm busy for the next couple of weeks or so, but I promise I'll have a chember up when I have some free time (...
Created by Demon Arisen
A short-but-sweet chamber which focuses on a cool move.

Difficulty: Very Easy...
Created by Demon Arisen
This chamber was accidentally flooded by Aperture Science's Water Supply of Questionable Cleanliness. * Luckily, two thousand tonnes of Aperture Science Plexiglass of Questionable Strength** were bought to cover the water, so this chamber is perfectly safe...
Flatline (1-Wide)
Created by Demon Arisen
This is a puzzle made especially for RageGamingVideos, but other people can play it too. :-)

My aforementioned 40th chamber is coming soon! :-D...
Created by Demon Arisen
You must return to places you have already looked in this fun, medium difficulty logic puzzle.

But that is not the only reason I named this chamber "Return". This is the first chamber I have made since November, and so this marks the return of Demon Arise...
Created by Demon Arisen
An easy little conversion gel test with a twist - the player cannot move off the platform he starts on.

This test focuses on being fun and satisfying to solve, and isn't quite as much of a challenge as my usual things.

So this is quite different to my no...
Created by Demon Arisen
An elegantly challenging logic puzzle based on mobility gels.

This chamber took me a long (and I mean really long) time to get absolutely right, so I hope you like it! :3

Created by Demon Arisen
Demon Arisen is back with his most difficult laser puzzle yet....
Created by Demon Arisen
I had a thought the other day. "Hmm. Most gel puzzles are huge and expansive. I'm going to make a really small and compact one!" Thus "Linked" was born.

On an unrelated note, this chamber might win the award for Most Glass and Grating Used in a Test Ch...
Cyan and Vermillion
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave Johnson here. For this next test, we've put deadly nanomachines in the oxygen supply. If you feel your lungs being agonisingly ripped apart by nanoscopic robots, that's normal. Just take a deep breath, and... Actually no, that'll make the whole thing ...
Created by Demon Arisen
Accelerate is a complex yet fun logic puzzle for those who want a challenge.

A much larger and more complicated chamber than my usual tests, this medium-hard difficulty logic puzzle focuses on fun mechanics such as repulsion gel, flinging, turrets, and ex...
Created by Demon Arisen
One of the best puzzles I've made recently, Skybox is a medium-ish difficulty faith plate and funnel puzzle, where which portal goes where is key to reaching the exit door in the box in the sky.

Hope you all enjoy it!

Created by Demon Arisen
Hello, Test Subject, it's Cave. You may have heard that we recently acquired a little extra budget after yours truly fired that idiot Jeff from the engineering department. So, as a celebration of Jeff not being able to provide for his family anymore, we th...
Created by Demon Arisen
How to Make Great Test Chambers - Episode 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snZAq2GMOMU

Hooray! My 50th test chamber is here, and it's a classic Demon Arisen test chamber, brain-meltingly puzzling and mind-blowingly fun!

I'd like to thank all my lov...
Outside the Box
Created by Demon Arisen
How to Make Great Test Chambers - Episode 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snZAq2GMOMU&ab_channel=DemonArisen

A tricky laser and funnel puzzle, Outside the Box tests your lateral thinking skills as you struggle to get everything you need across the po...
Created by Demon Arisen
A chamber using only an excursion funnel and nothing else....
Created by Demon Arisen
A lone turret guards the exit from afar. Can you outsmart him?...
Stranger than Friction
Created by Demon Arisen
EDIT 1: Exploits people have pointed out (thanks, people) should now be fixed. However, some people have told me they've found four solutions or whatever, but then haven't told me what these solutions are! I can't fix unintended solutions without knowing w...
Created by Demon Arisen
Use the funnel to transport two cubes and a laser to the exit. Super simple stuff.

How to Make Great Test Chambers: Episode 2 might be uploaded within the next week. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to find out if I can be bothered to make it! https://www....
Created by Demon Arisen
I'm back! I'm not dead! Yay! Welcome to Refraction,
my first test of 2016. I know, it's May, sorry, I've been really busy getting ready to go to university, preparing for exams etc.

So what did I miss while I was gone? WOW, over 100 followers!? That's a...
Created by Demon Arisen
This chamber is a bit weird and has a slightly unorthodox solution, but hopefully it's still good!

EDIT 1: Hopefully fixed a solution which used just 2 cubes. Thanks dcook!...
Light Switch
Created by Demon Arisen
Yet another trademark Demon Arisen laser and light bridge puzzle with a punny title :P

How to Make Great Test Chambers - Episode 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29VPInw1IFQ&ab_channel=DemonArisen...
White Christmas
Created by Demon Arisen
Merry Christmas, test subjects! :D

That's right, I'm back with a festive, fun-filled all-white chamber, because Cave Johnson tells me he couldn't afford any more black moon rock from the dark side of the moon, apparently that stuff's crazy expensive and h...
Splatter Advanced
Created by Demon Arisen
An advanced version of Splatter, one of my older chambers which I am quite fond of and which can be played here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=514116196

If you like you can play the original Splatter before this advanced version ...
Funnely Enough
Created by Demon Arisen
Funnely Enough is, funnily enough, a minimalist puzzle focusing on a funnel. Enjoy! :)...
A Nice Little Puzzle
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave here. This test is so easy your mother could solve it. Hell, it's so easy MY mother could solve it, and she's been dead for fifteen years. In fact it's so easy you'll probably solve it so fast that you'll go back in time. If that happens, don't panic ...
Created by Demon Arisen
Just an easy little test to keep you busy until I publish my first test of 2016! :D

EDIT 1: Fixed being able to throw the cube into the funnel.
Chaos Theory (BETA)
Created by Demon Arisen
Hello! This is a bouncy-gel and laser related chamber, it's medium difficulty, but it's in a BETA state as I just made it quickly so it may not be up to my usual standards. So, please tell me about any exploits or problems you can find! There is a problem ...
Pure Logic (Redux)
Created by Demon Arisen
This test is a remake of one of my old tests, Pure Logic, and this redesign incorporates more modern design sensibilities. The solution is pretty much the same, but it should now be much less fiddly and frustrating. :)

If you've never played Pure Logic, t...
[Co-Op] Cyclic
Created by Demon Arisen
You will have to retrace your steps and repeat what you have already done in this funnel and laser logic puzzle! Have fun!

My newest chamber: Suction

Thanks to aommaster a...
Created by Demon Arisen
Easy-ish difficulty laser puzzle. Have fun! :)

If you are stuck and need a hint: Look up the definition of the word "elide". Also, Demon Arisen veterans may recognise the solution from two previous puzzles I've made.

EDIT 1: Fixe...
Dual Inverse Helicoidal Infundibuliforms
Created by Demon Arisen
Medium difficulty Excursion Funnel puzzle.

(Title translation: Two Opposing Helix-shaped Funnels) :P

I'm really proud of this one. It's not my hardest but I think it's a pretty fun puzzle with very clean design. Hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enj...
Convert Ops
Created by Demon Arisen
Easy-Medium difficulty conversion gel chamber.

Hope you like the punny title :P

No ninja moves, but a tiny bit of timing required.

I've been thinking about how I could make this chamber work since 2015 (I'm not joking) since Conversion Gel tests are so ...
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave Johnson here. Due to the numerous minor complaints and/or violent death threats we've received about the use of trace amounts of liquid asbestos solution in our Excursion Funnels, the funnel in this next test is made using a completely different mater...
Illuminet Tenebras
Created by Demon Arisen
Hello Test Subject, it's Cave. Not gonna lie to you, this test is pretty difficult compared to this moron's usual chambers so you'll probably be in here a little while. So, if you need to go to the bathroom, just find a quiet little corner and keep it neat...
Created by Demon Arisen
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Aperture Science Multiverse Olympics. Alien Athletes, Mutated Horrors, Interdimensional Monsters from the Depths of Hell, you're here because we want to test. And you are fit.

Now, you all met each other on the Tra...
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave here. The Food Standards Agency have written me a kind and amicable threatening letter - they say if I don't prove the worth of propulsion gel as a useful substance outside the realm of morally dubious weight-loss aids, they'll cut funding on the prop...
Created by Demon Arisen
Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Cave Johnson, founder and CEO of Aperture Science, and I am proud to present to you Aperture's latest innovation in quantum tunnelling: the Aperture Science Handheld Mono-Portal Device, or Monoportal Gun for short. Why is i...
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave Johnson here. I've just been informed that a Mr L.B. from our programming department has been unwell recently. Sorry about that, it's probably the micro-parasites we put into your keyboard. Don't worry about it, all they do is make you feel unwell but...
Created by Demon Arisen
Kave Johannsen here. Since us Germans just won World War Seven, we thought we'd take over Aperture Science and put it to good use. I hear there is plenty of useful equipment here to fight off the remaining Mantis Men invaders. Kave Johannsen, we're done he...
Access Denied (v2.0)
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave Johnson here. Just a reminder that I'm your boss and I have the power to fire your butt whenever I please. And by your butt I mean you, because to be honest I can't even tell much of a difference right now. That's right, I am NOT happy. Some wise guy ...
The Cathedral and the Crypt
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave here. As I'm sure the kindly old priest I accidentally ran over the other day will be glad to inform you, I am not a religious man. I gotta confess though, there is a certain ethereal majesty to ancient cathedrals. Especially when we've sneaked in and...
Created by Demon Arisen
Ahoy, me hearties! Cap'n Cave 'ere, just wanted to let yer know that since all yer young scallywags are gettin' all miserable over not bein' able to do yer usual testin', we've installed a swashbucklin' test chamber right 'ere on the ship. Aye, the ship ai...
Fluid (V2.0)
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave here. Now, I know you're here to solve brand new tests but our design team went on strike the other day due to "unsanitary working conditions" just because there's a little radioactive fluid here or there... or everywhere. So since they're off protest...
Created by Demon Arisen
Hello, soldier. Welcome to the Extraterrestrial Combat project, or XCOM for short. We are Earth's last and only defense against the alien invaders who have taken over our governments and convinced humanity to obey them using widespread propaganda and dubio...
Created by Stract
Difficulty: Rated E for Everyone

Puzzle by Demon Arisen, Hammerized by Stract
A short puzzle with laser redire...
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave here. Apparently one of our employees was out "walking the dog" the other day - at least that's what he told me - when their dog just happened to dig up a lump of fossilised amber. Now, if you ask me it sounds like he was doing an archaeological dig w...
Created by Demon Arisen
"Good morning, employees! Cave here. Welcome to yet another Fairly Advanced Robotics Training Seminar, or FARTS for short. Yeah yeah, I know, get your laughs out now. I don’t make the acronyms around here. But I do the FARTS! So, without further ado, it’s ...
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave here. According to those uptight snobs in the PR department, my pre-recorded messages have been getting a little too... inappropriate lately. Apparently test subjects have been seen sat in the corner sucking their thumbs at the mere mention of that ac...
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave Johnson here. PR and Marketing department recently underwent a change of staff, by which I mean they all got melted by acid and now I have to do all their jobs. Some sort of freak accident with the sprinklers apparently. God rest their horrifically li...
Divided v2.0
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave here. Huge, dark, and smelly cave. What? No, I'm not talking about myself! I am literally inside a cave right now and I have no idea how to get out. Seeing how I don't exactly have many creature comforts in here, I'll probably be rat food very soon. C...
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave here. So apparently all our test chamber designers went insane because they couldn’t get their puzzles to work properly. So, while they take a week of unpaid leave to cry to their parents about their “compile errors” and “unintended solutions” and oth...
Created by Demon Arisen
DISCLAIMER: I am aware that there are big blue "ERROR" messages in this map for some people. This is not my fault, and I cannot fix it. It is completely out of my control. It's a bug with the latest version of BEEMOD which makes anyone who doesn't have BEE...
Created by Demon Arisen
"Nostalgia" is an old map I found sitting in my editor which, for some reason, I never published. Judging by the mapping style and the fact that it uses stock puzzlemaker rather than BEEMOD, I estimate that it's from around 2015 - 16. No idea why I didn't ...
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave here. You may have noticed in that last test that we replaced all the lights with refraction prisms to alter your perception of the visible spectrum. As a result you should start seeing beautiful rainbows appear all over the place. If you find the end...
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave Johnson here, reminding all test subjects to apply a generous coating of Aperture brand sunscreen all over your body before entering any test involving a Hard Light Bridge. And I mean all over your body. Eyes. Hair. Teeth. Yes, even your... gentleman'...
Marathon (v1.1)
Created by Demon Arisen
CAVE JOHNSON ft. Himself
Huge Dark Cave (Radio Version)
Aperture Records Inc.

* * * * *

Cave Johnson here
Yo, it's Cavey J with a brand new rap
Aperture Science
Man oh man. Wow.

Shoved my girl all up in a computer
Got my kicks with a ...
Created by Demon Arisen
Springtime is an easy difficulty map focusing on a faith plate and funnel. This isn't a major release, just a little Easter treat for you all since I haven't posted a new test in a while.

Happy Easter, everyone! :)


Check out the mod I'm w...
Created by Demon Arisen
You know what, Greg? If you're gonna be like that, how about I let everyone in the entire facility know about your embarrassing pimple? No? Alright, I won't. Attention everyone in the entire facility, it's Cave. I have an important announcement to make. G...
Created by Demon Arisen
Attention staff, it's Cave. I'd like to remind our legal department that the pasta extruder in the cafeteria is not designed for destroying important government-issued documents. Now, I know you're all just doing your jobs and looking after Old Man Cave's...
Created by Demon Arisen
Listen up folks, it's time for our annual Mandatory Volunteering Drive. It's that special time of year where we all come together as a workforce to celebrate the joys of unpaid labour by forcibly recruiting more unpaid labourers. And as always, you interns...
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave Johnson here. Introducing the Aperture Science Personal Energy Shield. This pocket-sized gizmo projects a sphere of energy around the wearer, shielding them from any wayward projectiles that get too close, including debris, bullets, intercontinental b...