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The Great War Rebuffed
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The Great War Rebuffed

Please note that this is a submod. You NEED the original HOI4 TGW mod running along with my mod!

Check the description

Hello and welcome to The Great War Rebuffed!

Hey! Since you enjoyed the mod, may you spent a minute rating it?

This is my first mod, I'm glad that many of you are enjoying this, and I wish the further updates make your gameplay even greater!

I've done some personal changes to rebalance the mod Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War, made by Wolferos, so I decided to share them with you all.

Currently version is: 0.1, and works only on ENGLISH

The changes, by now, particularly rebalance manpower, with other minor rebalances and some future plans.

All countries:
- National focuses for all countries now give greater research speed bonus, creating a "World War 1" version of the to the new 1.6 mechanics. No more "15% research bonus", but "150% research bonus";
- New country leader pictures (in progress...)

- "Scramble for Africa" now gives +5% non-core population, rather than +0.5% recruitable population to avoid division spamming.

Great Powers:
- Now everyone has unit voices, including the Ottomans and both Chinas.

- Moved some provinces from states to readjust the borders, also regarding the 1.6 update.
- "German Staff" now gives only 10% recruitable population factor to avoid division spamming. Max planning and planning speed were lightly increased.
- The "Schlieffen Plan" event options now only gives you wargoals on the Benelux countries, so you can decide which strategy to follow.
- And the original "Schlieffen Plan" correctly gives you Luxembourg as a puppet rather than declaring war on it (this really happened).

- Moved a province from Lwów to Kraków to readjust borders;
- Austrian Staff now gives only 15% recruitable population factor to avoid division spamming. Max planning was lightly increased.

Ottoman Empire:
- Changed country color to that used in Kaiserreich;
- Central Macedonian states were now Ottoman cores;
- "Faith in Allah" reworked with +5.0% population growth bonus and +1.0% recruitable population bonus, making it more accordingly to Islamist cultural ways.

East Asia:
- British Raj, Qing China and China now have Agrarian Society idea as permanent conscription law, so they couldn't throw thousands of troops on you when joining Allies.

Planned changes:
- Further adjustment on research speed get by focuses, and the research rewards at all;
- Graphics for the Agrarian Society law (currently struggling with this);
- Further adjustment on Austro-Hungarian borders at the Bucovina state;
- Give destabilizing spirits to be treated within the Ottoman Empire (if the player wish to do so).
- War exhaustion system (such as in Endsieg);
- Revamped naval system (I will need to read more books about naval equipment of this era lol);

So, I expect you enjoy these modifications. If you have any suggestions, critics and bug reporting, ask me, and also join our discussion on the Paradox forums[forum.paradoxplaza.com]:

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Tflash 5 hours ago 
@laconh i almost forget, ottoman empire should gain some north algerian's territories too and tunisia become its puppet after the treaty of frankfurt
Tflash 6 hours ago 
@laconh anyway thanks for making this amazing mod. i have waited it like for ages now LOL.
Tflash 6 hours ago 
@laconh and here is my suggestion, when germany "win" the war, could you make the french and the brits become facism? to trigger another world war, so the game doesnt end boring :))
also i think, you should add some focus for french and brits because of the humilliation defeat of the WW1.
Tflash 6 hours ago 
@laconh i really 100% like your work tho, but ok the treaty of frankfurt (when germany is the winner), i think it is a bit unfair for germany who have "won" the war, it gives colonial lands a bit too small in africa continent and i also think some japanese islands in the pacific and the whole papua new guinea should become german's territories too. and the whole libyan land should belong to ottoman empire once again after the defeat of italy.
laconh  [author] 9 hours ago 
@yeet did you activated "Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War"? It is a required item.
Skorpion⁷_λ™ 9 hours ago 
Could you make Poland a releasable country in GERMANY RUSSIA AND A-H ??!!!! PLSSSS
yeet 11 hours ago 
It constantly crashes my game
laconh  [author] 11 hours ago 
@rayanm TGW mod supports 1.6.2, last time updated 4 apr
rayanm 11 hours ago 
TGW mood is support 1.5.4 and this mood support 1.6* ?????????????????????
laconh  [author] 13 hours ago 
@Tflash It might be a CTD from the original mod. Will look at this tonight when I will test the new update. Thanks for the feedback!