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Larger Fields Pack [Industries]
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Mar 6 @ 5:53pm
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Larger Fields Pack [Industries]

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Thanks to MrMiyagi helping me update my fields, I can now introduce these larger fields. There are 3 new sizes, as seen in the preview images:
  • XL - 16x16
  • XXL - 32x16
  • XXXL - 32x32
This pack contains 4 different fields in these sizes: wheat young, wheat ripe, wheat cut, and cotton (smaller versions of the wheat young will be released in its own pack later).

As for stats of these fields, they are basically 2x, 4x, and 8x the stats I put on the large fields. These are not the same as the default stats and I'll try to get a screenshot when I get time. Basically the XL is similar to the vanilla small fields, XXL the medium field, and XXXL the large field. For employees, the XL has 8, XXL 16, and XXXL 32. I know the XL has the same amount as the large field (my stats) but giving them more seems to much (XXXL would have 64 for example). Feel free to change these if you want for your game. I'm not sure how/if these will be affected by Quboid's Rebalance Industries mod - will need to talk to him about that.

Dummy versions (meaning producing nothing and don't need to be placed roadside) will be forthcoming. Hopefully this helps those who want to make bigger farm areas do so easier. I plan to look into making vanilla versions for those of you who don't want these fields.

No mod needed to view from far away.
Thanks MrMiyagi! Find his building versions (for decoration) here.
And of course thank you to DeCzaah for making these fields in the first place. You can find his prop versions here.

Side facts:
  • XL = 16384m² or ~4 acres
  • XXL - 32768m² or ~8 acres
  • XXXL - 65536m² or ~16 acres
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Mar 28 @ 9:24pm
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Strategy Nerd Mar 30 @ 5:41pm 
I just started messing with a new farm, and I realized that angled fields would also be great! Do you know if you could easily make 45 and 15-degree triangle fields?
shadowfaxe7 Mar 14 @ 9:03pm 
OI! Somebody's been slippin the fields viagra!
karltherbt Mar 13 @ 2:45am 
Love it
Strategy Nerd Mar 12 @ 10:37pm 
Ok, I'll just use surface painter then. :)
Maximilian  [author] Mar 12 @ 6:35pm 
@Strategy Nerd, By baseplate do you mean the footprint that collides with other buildings? If so, then technically yes you could but it would mean having more sub-buildings and isn't worth it. But it would have no effect on functionality.
Strategy Nerd Mar 12 @ 1:28pm 
Do you know whether there's a way to expand the baseplate to cover the entire asset, or is that not possible while retaining the industries functionality?
CptJH Mar 11 @ 11:49am 
MrMiyagi Mar 10 @ 1:07pm 
32x32!?!?!?! What is this black magic? :D
Sp3ctre18 Mar 10 @ 9:40am 
Strategy Nerd Mar 10 @ 12:30am 
Holy @##!%$!!! This is awesome!
Now you've made me have to go look for more advanced tractor assets or the harvest will be late.

Also, vanilla versions as you mentioned would certainly be appreciated; I'm using both versions to get maximum layout variation. :)