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Mass Effect Reaper Crisis
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Jan 3 @ 4:43pm
Jan 15 @ 11:48am
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Mass Effect Reaper Crisis

This is a Contingency replacer, I know there is already a mod for that, but I just decided to refine the concept. Please rate and leave suggestions in the comment section below.

Replaces -

- Contingency shipset with Reaper shipset.
- Ambient crisis sound with Reaper sounds.
- Contingency dialogue with Sovereign quotes.
- Contingency flag with Reaper flag.
- Changed Contingency map color to black.
- Changed species names.
- Contingency namelist with custom Reaper namelist.
- Particle Lance sound with Reaper laser sound.

WIP: Reaper Portrait, Replacing Cybrex with Protheans.

Machine Empire disabling fixed.

Recommended mods -

- Wide fleet formation. (So the Reapers don't look all compacted together.)
- Slow speed battles. (So it looks epic like in ME3.)

Mod compatibility -
-Crisis Manager Endgame overwrites Reaper customisation.

Credit to Red-Eyed_Fairace for the Reaper shipset.

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El Patrón Jan 19 @ 7:35am 
How can I translate the mod into spanish?
Vengeance From Above  [author] Jan 16 @ 3:20pm 
The issue with Machine Empires being disabled is fixed now! The Reaper shipset mod is no longer required. AI shipset compatibility is still WIP.
FaintestVirus Jan 11 @ 11:18am 
I am very intrested in what you have planned with this mod. Perhaps it's outside the scope of your intentions, but if you somehow mananged to replace the cybrex ringworld with like a ruined Citadel that could be repaired with megaengineering... even if it behaved like a normal ringworld with the four wings being a normal segment... tha would be... epic. Eitherway, looking forward to this once it's more polished, and will def be keeping this under tracking gaze
The ships appear as coloured boxes for me, I dunno what could be messing with the shipset models, do I need to download the shipset mod as well?
Supreme Leader Koko Jan 10 @ 11:05am 
Do only i see Combine logo on the reaper flag?
Woj Jan 10 @ 12:09am 
troopersmith1 it is CRISIS mod as You can read up in the description and mod title lol
Geo Jan 8 @ 1:57pm 
I guess Cybrex being Leviathans makes a bit more sense than Protheans. However, still not 100% accurate. The Leviathans didn't create the Reapers. The Leviathans created the Intelligence (a.k.a. Catalyst), who turned on them and created Harbinger in the image of the Leviathans, and Harbinger went on a spree to created more Reapers by harvesting worlds.

As much as I hate the Cataylst (ugh), it is the way the lore is right now.
war-angel Jan 8 @ 7:38am 
ya no i will Escape my doom no wait ill kill me doom :)
Stelios Kontos Jan 8 @ 6:26am 
I second rainy67's idea . The Leviathans created the Reapers
rainy67 Jan 8 @ 5:37am 
Also, couldn't the Spritiualist Colossus be adapted to be the Reaper's planet purge tool and be a super indoctrinator?