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Planet Coaster

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Bullethead's Life-Size Coasters
Various life-size replicas of real-life coasters. Most of these are compact, family-friendly things but there are also some large coasters. All of them have custom supports. For the compact coasters and the Cosmic Express, the supports are 100% custom. The wooden coasters are mostly stock supports with custom augmentations as needed to be more like the real versions.
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Life-Size Pinfari ZL42
Created by Bullethead
A life-size Pinfari ZL42. Not very exciting but hey, it's a kiddie ride with a loop. Pretty much unthemed, not even a station, so you can do your own thing with it.

In real life, the travelling versions of this portable ride have a large ballast tan...
Life-Size Pinfari FC80 Super 8er Bahn
Created by Bullethead
Life-size version of the one-and-only Pinfari FC80, which is called the Super 8er Bahn at Wierner Prater. The supports are painted like the real thing but there's no sign or station decoration so you can make it suit your own park and give it a different ...
Life-Size (but NOT compact) Cosmic Express
Created by Bullethead
The Cosmic Express at Kezouji Park, Isesaki, Gunma, Japan. A very mild and sedate adult/teen coaster. Looks like an Arrow knock-off to me, except for the non-terrifying layout. Should be popular with all demographics but only 1 train despite the long tr...
Life-Size E&F Miler Scandia Screamer
Created by Bullethead
Just a hair bigger-than-life-size near-copy of the E & F Miler Screamer from Scandia Park, Ontario, CA, the one and only 88' High Miler. The 100% custom supports are a bit over 1900 parts and fairly close to the real thing although I didn't put any of the...
LIfe-Size E&F Miler 24' Harvest Express
Created by Bullethead
The 1-and-only E&F Miler 24-foot Harvest Express using the Windego coaster. Modeled on the "Loco Loco" of Dixie Landin', Batoner Rouge, USA. 100% custom supports that are very close to the real thing.

Blueprint contains 3 buildings: the station and ...
Life-Size Maurer SC2000 "Xtreme"
Created by Bullethead
Life-size Maurer SC2000 with fairly realistic custom supports. Minimal theming so you can do your own easily enough. Just your typical off-the-shelf spinning coaster you can plunk down in a fairly small space in any park. ~1000 parts.

Based on the d...
GALAXI - collab. with Bullethead
Created by Fisherman
GALAXI - collaboration with Bullethead for Kaleidoscope Piers. Original track file by Bullethead.

Oh... and yes... that one light post is bent on purpose. Ha ha. It is an old ride after all....
Life-Size Zyklon / Galaxi
Created by Bullethead
REVISED 20 June 2018!!

A real-size Galazi using the "Gold Fever" track and "Invincible" cars. I could only squeeze 540^ helices in on both ends, not the 900^ on the lift hill end. But otherwise it's pretty close to the real Gilbeau's Galaxi at Dixie...
Life-Size Preston & Barbieri Anaconda 2.0
Created by Bullethead
Life-size Preston & Barbieri Anaconda 2.0. RCDB says there are 4 of these, located in Pakistan, Tajikistan, Romania, and Maine(stan) :D. The one in Maine is the newest, installed summer 2018. It's in Palace Playland at Old Orchard Beach, and is called "...
Life-Size PTC Wildcat
Created by Bullethead
A life-size replica (and fairly accurate) of the classic 1927 Philadelphia Toboggan Co. "Wildcat" at Lake Compounce, Bristol, CT, USA. Partial custom supports. The entrance is over the bridge on the rear of the station. Colors from a Sept. 2018 POV vide...
Life-Size Great White
Created by Bullethead
Life-size replica of CCI "Great White" at Morey's Piers, Wildwood, NJ, USA. I think this came out very close to the real thing, including the custom roof on the station. It's a bit over 2000 parts as she stands and that's without most of the pier deck. ...
LIfe-Size Colossus the Fire Dragon Schwarzkop Portable Double Loop
Created by Bullethead
The 1 and only Schwarzkopf portable double loop with extended track, "Colossus the Fire Dragon" at the Lagoon park in Farmington, Utah, USA. Of course, it doesn't move any more, but it was designed to.

The footprint and height are the same as the real ...