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[WOTC] Militia Overhaul
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Nov 3, 2018 @ 8:45am
Nov 10, 2018 @ 8:25pm
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[WOTC] Militia Overhaul

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So this mod was inspired by DerBK's A better militia mod. This mod is pretty similar in the sense that it overhauls the militia. ITs not compatible with a better militia but this mod has all of the feature of this mod baked in.

What this mod does
1. It gives the standard militia soldiers loadouts. So far we have 4 loadouts.
Tier 1 militia:
- Basic training.
- AR does 1-4 damage, pierces 1 armor.
- 72 aim.
- 5 hp.
- Carries a flashbang.
- Can use Suppression and Hunker Down.

Tier 2 militia:
- Milita Captain.
- LMG does 3-6 damage, pierces 1 and shreds 1 armor.
- 70 aim.
- 6 hp, 1 armor
- Carries a fire Grenade.
- Can use Suppression and Hunker Down.
-These milita units moves slightly slower, due to their equipment.

Tier 3 militia:
- Veteran Militia
- Laser AR does 4-6 damage, pierces 2 armor, shreds 1 armor.
- 80 aim.
- 7 hp, 2 armor
- Carries a Muton Grenade.
- Can use Suppression and Hunker Down.

Tier 4 militia
- Veteran Heavy Militia
- Laser LMG does 5-7 damage, pierces 2 armor, shreds 1 armor.
- 75 aim.
- 8 hp, 2 armor
- Carries a Fire Bomb.
- Can use Suppression and Hunker Down.
- These milita units moves slightly slower, due to their equipment.

2. The militia soldiers use the TLP weapon appearences for their guns.
3. Like A better milita you can potentially see higher tier militia soldiers in earlier haven assault missions.

Future plans
Add some more resistance units.
Add a basic Shiv to the resistance spawn list. Will probably make it only appear rarely.
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Dragon32 Feb 24 @ 12:52pm 
Hey, Alpha115.

Just looking at "XComGameData_CharacterStats.ini", saw that the change to mobility for CivilianMilitiaM2 was missing a "+", so it's just "CharacterBaseStats[eStat_Mobility]=10"

Dunno how much of a problem that is...

And CivilianMilitia has eStat_Offense]=72, rather than 70 as in the Description, and so has better Aim than the M2

M3 has [eStat_Offense]=80, think it should be 75, as per the above.
Cúchulainn Feb 20 @ 3:22pm 
Thank you!
Alpha115  [author] Feb 20 @ 3:11pm 
they get better over time, but the weak ones still appear.
Cúchulainn Feb 20 @ 1:06pm 
How do they get better? just over time or are there specific upg they have to hit
*TRF* Mr Annoying Feb 18 @ 3:41am 
can you make one with just tier 1 militia only ?

Most maps in the game the militia don't even need my help they kill all the aliens themselves...

I want them to be near peasants with pitchforks.
Mike777ac Jan 26 @ 6:40am 
Ah, well I'll get it eventually lol. For now, the militia will just keep on using their invisible and surprisingly effective firearms lol.
Alpha115  [author] Jan 25 @ 4:33pm 
yeah its uses the weapons from the pack.
Mike777ac Jan 24 @ 10:19pm 
No, do I need it?
Alpha115  [author] Jan 22 @ 7:13pm 
That is odd do you have the TLP pack?
Mike777ac Jan 22 @ 4:36pm 
For whatever reason, my militia people no longer have weapons lmao. They do damage and shoot people with invisible guns, but there's no sound or visuals. Kinda disconcerting, but oh well.