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Playable Shroud/Playable End of the Cycle
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Oct 26 @ 9:34am
Oct 28 @ 8:04am
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Playable Shroud/Playable End of the Cycle

This mod makes it so you can play as the Shroud/End of the Cycle by unlocking an ascension perk. Requires Utopia DLC.

Comes with 4 ascension perks and allows the use of the Shroud flag and the "wisp" portrait. This is not a balanced mod, and due to the extra ascension perks you become more powerful than the regular Shroud.

Ascension perks:
  • End the Cycle: You lose all of your fleets, planets, and resources, but in exchange are given the same ships that would normally be given to the Shroud when the End of the Cycle begins. Your country type is changed to one that ignores borders, and destroying ships grants a small amount of unity per ship. Reducing a planet's health to 0 shrouds the planet and grants unity. This ascension perk is required by the other 3 perks. Requires the Transcendence perk. Does not work if another empire already has this perk.

  • Wholeness: Increases unity generation by 1000%

  • Impenetrable Shroud: Increases shields by 20%

  • Soulstealer: Reducing a planet's health to 0 creates a psionic avatar. Also gives a small chance that a destroyed ship will become a psionic avatar.

Known issues:
  • The Shroud portrait looks bad in planet view and is not very visible elsewhere. This is just how the normal portrait is. I just wanted to include it for the sake of completeness.
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    Clogulf Clogfylahl Nov 9 @ 1:23pm 
    Because its pretty much impossible to do a ironman playthough with the full psyonic assession
    Clogulf Clogfylahl Nov 9 @ 1:22pm 
    Can you make it so if your playing as the spirts then you start with pyonic researched
    BrutishMrFish  [author] Nov 3 @ 2:58pm 
    The Playable Contingency mod is now up. Please report bugs!
    Arkat Oct 31 @ 1:47pm 
    kk, thanks!
    BrutishMrFish  [author] Oct 31 @ 1:42pm 
    Only one player can get the End the Cycle perk, but other than that it should be fine. I haven't tested it in multiplayer, but my other playable crisis mods worked in multiplayer and this one should as well.
    Arkat Oct 31 @ 1:25pm 
    does this work in mp? have anyone tried yet?
    zRoyal Oct 30 @ 10:17pm 
    Shroud portraits are hardly visible?
    I think it's because they are... 'Shrouded'
    I'll leave now.
    dsblaze008 Oct 30 @ 5:00pm 
    giga assended shroud army incoming for the most broken game of stellaris ive ever played. thank you:steamhappy:
    Clogulf Clogfylahl Oct 29 @ 5:57pm 
    Thanks for creating the mod i asked for :3
    TheSilverInfinity Oct 29 @ 5:33pm