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(WOTC+TLP) TLP Attitude Voice Fix
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Oct 25 @ 4:22pm
Oct 25 @ 4:36pm
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(WOTC+TLP) TLP Attitude Voice Fix

You may have noticed that the new attitudes added in the Tactical Legacy Pack don't actually add any personality to their voice lines like the older ones do. And that... is no fun, honestly. This mod repurposes some of those old voice lines (as well as using some unused ones) in order to give the new attitudes some personality of their own.

Unfortunately, the way the voice lines are selected is pretty hardcoded, so this mod does what it does by overriding XGUnit. If you know a bit (or a lot) about modding, you might be thinking to yourself, "is that really a good idea?" Overriding a class (especially a big important one) to fix an issue this minor is a little like killing a fly with a MOAB. (Still, it's a pretty annoying fly...)

That said, this mod is actually pretty usable. Class overrides are not actually a problem unless some other mod wants to override the same class, so it isn't likely to conflict with anything because I don't think too many people around here even have the sheer audacity to upload a mod that overrides XGUnit. But I did. So there.

Since I was messing around in there I also fixed the bug where squad members yell out that someone just died after a mimic beacon gets destroyed.

If you're installing this mod mid-game, you'll need to be in strategy mode, not in the middle of a mission.

WOTC only and requires TLP of course.
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Scrap Nov 9 @ 11:07pm 
Yeah, since any other default animation wouldn't work, as the pistols still go where they would as secondaries, same for everything else.
PZ  [author] Nov 9 @ 3:51pm 
That's probably what is going on.
Scrap Nov 9 @ 8:50am 
Maybe By The Book is overwritten with the Templar animations when equipping a pistol or sword with that mod? I don't remember though...
Anajamois Nov 8 @ 4:42pm 
PZ’s right. Having a sword or pistol primary weapon forces your attitude to By The Book. No idea. It just does.
PZ  [author] Nov 8 @ 3:56pm 
No, it isn't an interaction. Primary secondaries sets your attitude to by-the-book if you equip a sword. That's just something it does.
Memesengumi Nov 8 @ 3:51pm 
Yes. If you wrote anywhere that primary secondaries have a weird interaction with this mod and I didn't read my bad for wasting your time lol
PZ  [author] Nov 8 @ 3:38pm 
@Memesengumi Are you using primary secondaries?
Memesengumi Nov 8 @ 12:43pm 
Mods seem to work fine in the character creator, but after some missions the attitudes start to revert to by-the-book and can't be changed into anything else. Has anyone else experienced this bug?
Anajamois Nov 8 @ 10:09am 
I knew the first part.

I think I understand now, you borrowed voice lines from Laid-Back, Intense and so on and applied them to the new attitudes to make them sound more like a unique attitude. Yeah this does sound like something I would want, I had no idea they used the same personality voice lines as Normal.
PZ  [author] Nov 7 @ 7:56pm 
@Crocodile Rock
The new attitudes don't have customized voice lines. The attitudes in the base game customized the voice cues uttered by your soldiers. A "Hard Luck" soldier will sound annoyed, one that is "Happy Go Lucky" will sound more cheerful, and so on. However, the new attitudes in TLP didn't customize the voice cues in this way at all. They all just used the same lines as "Normal," so they had a lot less personality.

This mod changes that by re-using some of the customized voice lines as approriate for the new attitudes: for example, a "Smug" soldier will reply with voice lines that make them sound smug, mostly taken from "Laid Back" with a few from "Happy Go Lucky." Or "Let's Go!" now uses the same voice lines as "Intense" to make it seem like the soldier is pumped up and ready to go. And so on.

Unfortunately, that's something I can't help you with because I haven't done it myself, so I don't know what's involved.