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!CGM: updated Planets Enhanced
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!CGM: updated Planets Enhanced

This mod version may be temporary, either until Exnihil comes back and updates the original, or until the release of 2.2 patch by Paradox, when I expect the mod will be rendered obsolete.

This version is updated only to synchronize with Planetary Diversity's new content, it does not fix any of the reported bugs with planetary projects and other complicated features. And im already working on a few project with Gatekeeper to release after 2.2, so I have no time to try to learn how to continue Exnihil's work, as he is way ahead of me in coding expertise!

If there is an experienced coder among you, who is capable of interpreting this mod's code and feels he could take over to further improve this mod, please reach out to me on our discord channel


For further information about this mod, please check the original:

CGM: Planets Enhanced
Make sure only one version is active at the same time.
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Hiztaar Nov 10 @ 11:46pm 
Ok found it. So if you want to reactivate the terraforming for irradiated worlds you need to remove the "potential" condition related to Planetary diversity. One example of something that works :
terraform_link = {
from = pc_irradiated_terrestrial
to = pc_arid
energy = @terraforming_cost_level_3
duration = @terraforming_duration_level_3
condition = { from = { cgm_non_planetary_project_planet = yes } has_technology = tech_climate_restoration }
potential = { cgm_new_worlds_enabled = yes }
effect = { cgm_terraforming_switch = yes }
ai_weight = { weight = 0 }

As long as all irradiated have "potential = { cgm_new_worlds_enabled = yes }" it will work for any new game.
Hiztaar Nov 10 @ 11:25pm 
@Lex Peregrine I found the bug it was coming from an old patch I made to fix the terraforming missing for irradiated worlds. But the patch does not work anymore neither even with your modifications. I think it's a buggy trigger.
Lex Peregrine  [author] Nov 10 @ 7:10am 
@Hiztaar: it should, but I may have missed something as I updated CGM for those new world types without playtesting due to lack of time. I will look into it if I can.
Lex Peregrine  [author] Nov 10 @ 7:09am 
@all: without Exnihil this mod is mostly dead, sorry for the lack of updates and bug fixing. Im also not very willing to invest my short free time in trying to fix things I dont know how-to when 2.2 is around the corner and im already working on a different version for it. If you're encountering game-breaking bugs with CGM my suggestion is to disable it and stick with Planetary Diversity only. There will be some new stuff after 2.2 comes.
Kepos Nov 9 @ 4:20pm 
Thx a lot for PD version, otherwise I wouldn't be able to use it.

Especially the new planets with fewer tiles are quite interesting.
Hiztaar Nov 6 @ 2:00am 
Hi! Does it takes in count the archive worlds, bioluminescent and bioengineering ? because when I try a new game these new worlds are simply buggy and transparent...
tyriael_soban Nov 4 @ 7:48pm 
So this explains why nobody is replying to bug reports on the CGM Planets thing.
If i swap that mod with this one on a current game, its likely to eff everything up, isnt it?
I'm only asking because the terraforming is bugging out something chronic and planets freeze during the process. :(
Hysteria Nov 4 @ 11:47am 
Hi! I have this mod along with Planetary Diversity. I'm just wondering why Venus is no longer terraformable (in PD, the planet is Hothouse, but with this mod, it's Hot Reducing). Does this mod overwrite the planet type of Venus? I mean, I have no problem with this, it's just that I love the idea of being able to terraform Venus too along with Mars haha.
Lex Peregrine  [author] Nov 3 @ 7:06am 
Alzara Oct 31 @ 3:32pm 
Does this work with alphamod 2.1?