Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2

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Majoras - Character Creation Plus - Definitive Edition (BIG UPDATE!)
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Game Mode: Story, GM
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Sep 15, 2018 @ 3:12pm
Jun 29, 2020 @ 1:27pm
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Majoras - Character Creation Plus - Definitive Edition (BIG UPDATE!)

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IMPORTANT - After enabling the mod, restart the game for the mod to take effect - IMPORTANT

"Read the F.A.Q, ridicule & pointless answers will be given to questions already answered there. You have been warned..."


Ever feel like the character creator was lacking?

Maybe you wanted to look more unique?

You think any race that isn't Human got stiffed?

Well, this mod is for you!

With Character Creation Plus new options will be added to all races and genders available in the game to remedy an issue I had with the character creator options; there just wasn't enough of them.

New assets, New uses for assets that weren't used for CC.

Now go and definitively enjoy some Divinity!

My Discord

https://discord.gg/pGVRPru - My discord server. If you like to chat & or see WIP stuff I'm playing around with.

Models added or edited by Majoras - Current Count: 181 (24/07/2019)


Recommended Mods

(More Character Colors: Definitive Edition)
The BEST color mod for all races by LadyCassandra:


Load Order Guide

(The Definitive D:OS2 "Mod Load Order" List)
The same one I use; give much thanks to S I L E N C E R for the excellent guide:


Nexus Version/Older versions:

https://www.nexusmods.com/divinityoriginalsin2definitiveedition/mods/19?tab=images - Enhanced Edition Nexus page to find older versions of the mod, in case of issues due to updates."



Norbyte is awesome & is the only reason I can still mod this game. Give up the mad props to the true devine.

Special thanks to Relic for helping me figure out how to mod the files and his awesome Silent Monk Heads mod that gave me the idea to do this.

Special thanks to StarScribe for figuring out what was stopping the mod from working.

Special thanks to Lucia Lovecraft for all the awesome pictures showing the mod off.

Special thanks to Alice Alisceon and the CCP + Faster Run Speed patch for helping me to figure out how to make the mod more compatible.

Special thanks to Demiurgus & Neppynep for helping create the God King aura and creating a re-texture for the Majoras Mask.

Special thanks to Baardvark, LaughingLeader, The Composer, Windemere for helping me with all my random questions I had.

If I missed anyone out, let me know ^^

Thank you for being patient and helping everyone, couldn't have done it without you all.


- If you feel like donating -


There will never be a paywall between the mods I work on, and the people wanting to use them. Do not ever feel obligated to donate. Telling me how much fun you're having is generous in of itself ^^
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Show Off Your Heroes!
Majoras, Talking Bear
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The Patriarchy Apr 27 @ 5:05pm 
If anybody else happens to have the same issue as stated by others below about the mod not appearing in your Mod list, go to your Workshop>Content>435150 folder where the mods would be, go to whichever folder has the PAK file for this mod then go paste that in to your mod folder in Larian Studios in your documents. For some reason the PAK was already in there but still wouldn't show up, overwriting it with the one from the Workshop folder made it pop up for some reason.
SmoothAsFelt Mar 27 @ 7:44pm 
@Majoras, Talking Bear No worries! If it's an armor piece that works well too, there are always refashion mod and such
Majingar Mar 20 @ 10:44am 
This looks really cool, but I have the same issue listed by Sammy below, and it doesn't show up in my mod list to enable.Does anyone have a fix for this?
Endorsiy Mar 16 @ 6:52am 
It crashes for Mac As Soon as I get to face twelve with every race,Other then that the hairstyles work.:teddyb:
Samantha "Sammy" Fenbun Mar 4 @ 8:44pm 
For some reason, this doesn't work.
I have attempted to subscribe and clear my mod lists several times over, use the mod manager to assist, and even manually pull the files, but this mod is not showing up in the in-game mod list, nor the mod manager, causing it to be impossible to actually activate or use.
Is this a very recent bug, or a standing issue that has something to do with the workshops operations?
Porcy Mar 2 @ 5:08am 
Oh ok and tried the other mod a while ago and couldn't find the hat in it so I though it was dropped
Majoras, Talking Bear  [author] Mar 2 @ 5:02am 
@SmoothAsFelt - Doubtful, I couldn't get it to look right and it will be better as an armor piece

@Porcy - I stated before that Hats will not be added to CCP and instead will be added to PFS. The Hates will end up taking slots I plan to use to add more content
Porcy Mar 2 @ 3:24am 
Well if you're going to work on this mod again Majoras I'll be really happy if you can give us the hat again for humans, it somehow disappeared between updates :leaCheese:
(This one https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1517401090 )
SmoothAsFelt Mar 1 @ 6:21pm 
If possible please add the Sheik hood back!
Majoras, Talking Bear  [author] Feb 23 @ 1:18am 
I am currently overhauling this mod. Adding new options for every race and gender. Re-exporting older options to try and fix the stacking issue. I will take a look at requests during this time and see what I can do during the overhaul