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Sep 23 @ 6:30pm
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Introducing Droids! a mod that brings robotic beings heavily inspired by the creations in STAR WARS into the stellaris universe.

v1.0.0 brings:
- 8 new techs
- 1 new building
- 2 new armies

v1.0.1 brings:
- a typo fix to "Droid Personal Shields" tech which used to be "Droid Personal Sheilds" tragic ik Mentioned orignally by: Torto The Conqueror

v1.1.0 brings:
- 2 new techs
- 1 new army Mentioned orignally by: Cosmosis

v1.1.1 brings:
- 1 new tech
- fix to allow robot empires to use Droid Armies Mentioned orignally by: Them8

v1.2.0 brings:
- 2 new techs
- 3 new strikecraft Mentioned orignally by: Opteris

v1.2.1 brings:
- Fix to armies that makes them just Droids not (species name) Droids
- Fix to armies that should allow machine empires to make them (I'm not sure since I dont have this dlc :/ )
Mentioned orignally by: Chirumiru ShiRoz

1.3.0 brings:
- all new icons for every incon needing spot!
- fix that should make sure the mod is not outdated
- a big thank-you for getting my mod on to the 1st page in Most Popular!!! ~ L

Also please

It really helps out

~ L

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Sep 2 @ 4:07pm
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Lucas🦊  [author] Oct 25 @ 5:32pm 
@Mordachai ah ok I'll look into that stuff
Mordachai Oct 25 @ 12:28pm 
Success! You needed to add a .gfx file to swdroids\interface\ folder - e.g. 00_droid_strikecraft.gfx - you can look at the standard ones to see how trivial this is. But it links up the named icon to the actual dds file. And with that, it appears in the ship editor.
Mordachai Oct 25 @ 10:42am 
Update: I cannot get the ship compoent to appear (in my current save game anyway) - no matter what I do. :( Fixing the name didn't help, using various DDS file formats didn't help, renaming it to use a more standard name ...strike_craft_droid... didn't help. ???
Mordachai Oct 25 @ 9:18am 
Note: you can define them at the start of your 00_droids_tech.txt file - @tier2cost4 = 3000
Mordachai Oct 25 @ 9:18am 
And the lack of cost of some techs is due to referring to variables that don't exist - "@tier2cost4" isn't defined by Stellaris base files - they only go up to @tier?cost3 - e.g. tier 1-3 cost 1-3, but without a definition, presumably the variable is just zero'd out? Seems to be.
Mordachai Oct 25 @ 8:33am 
AFAICT - the issue with the strike craft not having an icon is because the dds files need to be named the full name except for the gfx_ part - so ""
Mordachai Oct 25 @ 6:38am 
@Lucas 2/2 -

I do run other mods - including "Extra Ship Components 2.0" and "!Core Game Mechanics: Buildings" - both of which add techs to the mix.

But in all of the mods I've run on stellaris - and in whatever combos - I'd never seen free techs before :)

Maybe I'll uncompress your mod and take a look. I'm only a dabbler in Stellaris modding, so not sure I can be of much help. But it was very ood!
Mordachai Oct 25 @ 6:38am 
@Lucas - I definitely did not use any commands to research them. I've had your mod loaded for several games, but usually I ignore the robot side of the game - this is the first time I finally researched far enough into that tree that your "droids!" tech came up. After researching that - I got several options for techs - cost was labeled literally as "free". Researching each of those was instantaneous (though the new list of techs is randomized, so they'd appear, then disappear, as I worked my way throught the tree).

Not all of your techs were free - Droids! wasn't - and about 1/2 of the remaining droid related techs had a cost associated with them (in my game they were around 4K each - relatively cheap for the benefits provided).

Lucas🦊  [author] Oct 23 @ 5:36pm 
@Mordachai no techs are free, there is a bug where they appear free if you use commands to research them. I could never figure out how to get the images to work for the ship builder tbh. The models are the same as base game.
Mordachai Oct 23 @ 5:08pm 
To clarify: the missing icons were in the ship designer - not in the research tree. Those all seem fine.

Related: if I choose a ship with droid bombers - are there 3D models for them?

Also: The auto-designer failed to choose a regular figher or droid. Manually I can do so - but again, there's no icon in the ship designer, so I worried that it wouldn't work properly in combat?