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Introducing Droids! a mod that brings robotic beings heavily inspired by the creations in STAR WARS into the stellaris universe.

v1.0.0 brings:
- 8 new techs
- 1 new building
- 2 new armies

v1.0.1 brings:
- a typo fix to "Droid Personal Shields" tech which used to be "Droid Personal Sheilds" tragic ik Mentioned orignally by: Torto The Conqueror

v1.1.0 brings:
- 2 new techs
- 1 new army Mentioned orignally by: Cosmosis

v1.1.1 brings:
- 1 new tech
- fix to allow robot empires to use Droid Armies Mentioned orignally by: Them8

v1.2.0 brings:
- 2 new techs
- 3 new strikecraft Mentioned orignally by: Opteris

v1.2.1 brings:
- Fix to armies that makes them just Droids not (species name) Droids
- Fix to armies that should allow machine empires to make them (I'm not sure since I dont have this dlc :/ )
Mentioned orignally by: Chirumiru ShiRoz

1.3.0 brings:
- all new icons for every incon needing spot!
- fix that should make sure the mod is not outdated
- a big thank-you for getting my mod on to the 1st page in Most Popular!!! ~ L

Also please

It really helps out

~ L

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Sep 2 @ 4:07pm
PINNED: Suggestions
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JohnMrMoe Sep 28 @ 9:24am 
Will you ever make the icon's not burn my eyes? I love the concept.
Chris Brown Sep 23 @ 7:05pm 
@lucas i found em but it was wayyy later
Lucas🦊  [author] Sep 23 @ 6:57pm 
@everyone 1.3 should be the last update until the game itself actually updates so I wanted to thank eveyone for the support!

So.. ya. Thanks my dudes :)
~ L
Lucas🦊  [author] Sep 23 @ 4:54pm 
@Mr. Rogers I guess I could if you really want me to lol. If I remember right they should be able to but I cant test since I never bought the DLC, make sure you have all the right techs researched
Chris Brown Sep 23 @ 3:56pm 
Can machine empires use the? I haven't exactly found building options for it and I'm DE
Chris Brown Sep 22 @ 9:22pm 
@Lucas will it be updated to match the current version of the game?
Splashwettyy Sep 2 @ 8:28am 
Yeah is good and with expansions it can rival some paid editors.
Y0ungKorrupt Sep 2 @ 5:53am 
The droid armies seem a bit too strong. They cost less and are much stronger than even Android Assault Armies. Maybe the solution is to remove the morale from the droids, and make the tech available to the regular android armies as well? Removing morale keeps it in line with all the other machine and synth armies, while giving the standard droid armies as boost.
Opteris Sep 2 @ 5:00am 
Do the preprogramming techs only affect droids?
Dr. Jack Bright Sep 1 @ 11:28am 
Now all we need is an auxillary Droid Gunners module....
Oh wait...
"What a Terrible shot"
"Oh well, its my programming..."
Shit I take that back.