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Russian America
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Russian America

This mod shows a possible history if the Russian Empire continued its colonial expansion.

In the future, we will try to make national tricks for the country.

Alexander 1 at the Viennese Congress demanded considerable reparations from the defeated French Empire.
These reparations, on the advice of the ministers, decided to spend on the development of the Russian American Company, a larger outflow of population to America was seen, Hawaii, California was annexed.
In the 1840s, after the discovery of gold deposits, a gold rush began. Crowds of gold diggers poured into Alaska. It is estimated that almost 1,000 tons of gold have been exported from Alaska to this day.
In 1846, there was a signed agreement on the purchase of California from Mexico, Thanks to skillful policy, Nicholas the first bought California for a penny.
In 1853 war broke out, in general the war began and ended as well as in real time except for some details.
In 1854 the garrison of the Russian army in North America began fighting against the British and French in British Columbia and, thanks to the heroism of the Russian soldiers, the British and French army was defeated.
In 1856, there was a peace treaty, according to its results, almost everything as well as in the real world, except that Russia buys British Columbia.
When the civil war broke out in Novo-Petrograd and in other significant cities, Boris Savinkov at the beginning of the Civil War was in Russian America. So Kolchak was evacuated from Omsk in time and managed to escape from the Bolsheviks. At the end of the Civil War, the White Movement controlled the Far East and it was decided to fully evacuate to America, with the help of the Entente, Alaska Ships and the remnants of the fleet of the Russian Empire in Vladivostok, figures and soldiers of the white movement and also the intelligentsia began to be evacuated to America, while the remnants of the army restrained the Bolsheviks in the far east, at the end of the evacuation Kolchak with the remnants of the Russian army and the gold reserves of the Russian Empire were evacuated to America.
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NikolaS Oct 6 @ 11:27pm 
Glina, хорошо, а то я уже подумал что ребята ушли из проекта. Удачи вам, потому как идея оч интересная и хочется такую же реализацию.
Glina  [author] Oct 6 @ 9:50pm 
NikolaS, до обновления, а то сделаем фокусы, и обнова выйдет
NikolaS Oct 6 @ 11:05am 
мод забросили?
TrueHustler Oct 5 @ 9:00am 
i wait national focuses too.
prussia Oct 5 @ 6:44am 
thank you for the mod and can't wait for national force
leche Oct 3 @ 7:56pm 
holy macaroni national tricks are coming?! dang cant wait for national tricks
are there White army Generals?
ok thx
Glina  [author] Oct 3 @ 5:35am 
Night Shift Worker At Chernobyl, after update
Can u add National focus plz