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Old World Blues - Yakuza Rising
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Old World Blues - Yakuza Rising

Mod information
  • Yakuza Rising is a submod for Old World Blues, a complete overhaul of Hearts of Iron IV to theme it off of the Fallout setting.
  • This mod expands the flavor for the nation **Yakuza Territories**, adding a new focus tree, more then four new leaders, new research options and a entirely custom scripted GUI clan system for them, based on EUIV's Ming Faction system.

Feature List
  • Adds a new focus tree to Yakuza Territories, over ninety new individual focuses! Complete with choices for how you want to specialize your nation - weather you employ robots on the offensive, or stick to the old ways.
  • More then four new leaders!Can you find the hidden one?
  • A custom GUI faction system - accessed through a new button on the right hand side of the UI. The Yakuza clans are led by a council, and the faction that has the most influence grants you a special bonus. Decide your bonus based on circumstances affecting your nation to maximize your power! Certain focuses and event options increase a certain factions influence as well, so be careful!
  • New research options! Outfit your troops with Wakizashis from Fallout 2, then eventually Katanas and even Shishkebabs!
  • A few events to expand the flavor of your experience
  • A special formable nation!

Installation and Use
  • Subscribe to, then download Old World Blues and Old World Blues - Music (Both are required)
  • Ensure that both are fully working and up to date.
  • Subscribe to this mod, choose Yakuza Territories at the start ( They are next to New Reno ) then hit play!

  • This mod will probably not work with other mods that changes Yakuza Territories, or changes their starting states.
  • This mod is exclusively in english / No hay versión en español / Нет русской версии / 日本語版なし / Nenhuma versão em português
  • If you cannot find the Clan menu, it should be here[i.imgur.com]

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Dr. Phepe Aug 11 @ 12:23pm 
grabovacsven Aug 8 @ 2:18am 
so i have reinstalled yakuza and the base mod 2 times and i still dont start off with templates and units! what do i do
vstreek Aug 5 @ 5:08pm 
This mod seems to be changing music files, the fallout 3 theme switched back to the vanilla oveture
Kaiser Wilhelm Aug 5 @ 12:24pm 
Zusk I really want to talk to you about maybe working together. Send me a friend request if you want to talk.
Aske Aug 3 @ 1:33pm 
The only way I've managed to create units is by deciding to take bikes out of the vault. I don't start with any division templates. Please fix, I really love this mod.
justinian Aug 3 @ 6:12am 
have you/will you update this mod to be compatible with the latest release of OWB? currently a lot of the focuses and divisions are broken
yannie Aug 2 @ 1:13am 
im having an issue! when i start as the yakuza I do not have any of the division starter templates! please help :c
Autarky Jul 24 @ 6:33pm 
I am making a yakuza tree for the owb shattered california, just thought you would like too know, trying to make my own ideas and have mine completely seperate from your own mod and remain 100% lore friendly
Autarky Jul 24 @ 6:29pm 
@Zusk Out of respect for your amazing mod I will stop if you feel unfomfortable with me working on my mod however I only strive to make a fun but balanced mod for multiplayer shattered california and have no intention to copy or discredit your work.
Renningwulf Jul 13 @ 10:31am 
I found the hidden leader i love it