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Welcome to the Toolpack, the obviously best mod in the world with the best name ever!
You ask what it can do? Ask your imagination!
The Toolpack is a sandbox mod that allows you to shape any game however you want. Start the second world war with 1914 borders, fix border gore and have Tannu Tuva dominate all of Asia.

Go now and buy the 500 limited copies subscribe for only 50$ a piece free!

Got a problem? An aweseome suggestion for improvements? Looking for crazy Toolpack enthusiasts? Want to have a say in future development? Looking to volunteer? Join our discord server!

Current Features:
- State Transfer Tool:
  • Transfer states between countries as you like
  • Re-/demilitarize states
  • Move the capital of any country anywhere

- State Coring Tool:
  • Add or remove cores states of any country

- State Claiming Tool:
  • Add or remove claims of any country

- Country Annexing Tool:
  • Annex any country into any other country
  • Transfer Troops
  • Add cores to the annexing country
  • Transfer Navy

- Ideology Changing Tool:
  • Increase or decrease popularity of any of the four idelogies
  • Change the ruling party of any country

- Division Spawning Tool:
  • Spawn preset or custom divisions anywhere and how many you want

- Capital Moving Tool (integrated into State Transfer Tool)
- De-/Remilitarization Tool (integrated into State Transfer Tool)
- Country Puppeting Tool:
  • Puppet countries
  • Change autonomy states
  • Add autonomy points
  • View a gallery showing all different autonomy states

Features Planned for Next Update (Planned Release Date: 19.8.)
- Combination of State Transfer, State Coring and State Claiming Tool with the addition of a State Control Transfer Tool.
- Politics Tool
- Minor bug fixes

Features Planned for Future Updates:
- Research time and research slot Tool
- Resource Tool
- Ship Spawning Tool
- Building Spawning Tool
- Peace Tool
- Alliance Tool
- Civil War Tool
- Country Release Tool
- Building Damagin Tool

Other Features That Might Be Added at Some Point:
- Manpower / Population Tool
- Formable Nations Tool

Features That Will NOT Appear in Future Updates:
- Nuking Tool
- Renaming Tool
- Flag Changing Tool

- Should be compatible with any other mod (maybe not the ones appearing within this one)
- Not Iron Man compatible
- Should be MP compatible as long as only one person uses it at a time

Did your mod stop working after the last update? Use this older version until it's fixed:
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Aug 10 @ 5:06pm
Bugs and Problems
Aug 12 @ 3:17am
Aug 4 @ 4:53pm
nibba were dat puppet tool at
< >
Canon Aug 12 @ 5:11am 
But fortunately adding new states is somewhat easy on your own
Canon Aug 12 @ 5:10am 
New states will NEVER be able to be made during a game unless paradox makes it a thing which 99% chance is a no
Jacket Aug 12 @ 3:12am 
no,you have to mod in new states yourself.
[24th] Sardegna Piedmont Aug 11 @ 1:42pm 
Can this tool create new states?
rimbeck55 Aug 10 @ 7:33am 
Wait how do you open that mod?
Jacket Aug 9 @ 4:03pm 
when its ready
Darklord Aug 9 @ 3:22pm 
when will next update come ?
DannyInfamy Aug 8 @ 7:42pm 
great amazing mod i don't think i need anything else this is perfect good job.
Jacket Aug 8 @ 3:37pm 
@Fade : Sorry,but there was a poll in the discord server and the politics tool won over the ship spawning tool.you will have to wait until that is done,then pranksi will(likely) work on the ship tool.

@mahyar_mk : https://gyazo.com/3801b87c0d87e107f01104ef0664f5ca