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[WOTC]N7 Engineer Squad Mate
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Jun 6 @ 7:08pm
Jun 6 @ 8:08pm
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[WOTC]N7 Engineer Squad Mate

[WOTC]N7 Engineer Squad Mate

Port of the N7 Engineer from Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer.
This Mod contais the following costume parts for soldier customization:

- N7 Engineer Helmet (Hats/Helmets)
- N7 Engineer Neck Piece(Lower Face Prop)
- N7 Engineer Torso
- N7 Engineer Bare Midriff (Torso Prop)
- N7 Engineer Arm(Left & Right)
- N7 Engineer Shoulderpad (Shoulder Props, Left & Right)
- N7 Engineer Arm Protections (Forearm Props, Left & Right)
- N7 Engineer Pouches (Torso Prop)
- N7 Engineer Legs
- N7 Engineer Leg Pouches (Thighs Prop)
- Variants of Arms, Legs and Torso for Light and Heavy Plated and Powered.

The Bare Midriff is a variation of the normal torso consisting in just the breast piece and the belt, it's stored under Torso Decoration and is
intended to work with the Naked(I think that's the name in english version of the game) torso from the Anarchy DLC, it might work with a few
other torso designs but nort likely to work with many of them.

As always, enjoy and please, let know of any bug/glitches ^_^
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Richard Jul 5 @ 11:02am 
@Pred I do the same thing with beuuuubs.
=TIO=w00tl00ps Jun 29 @ 8:49pm 
Your work is incredible! Thank you!
N7Rumble Jun 13 @ 4:26pm 
Awesome :steamhappy: Thank you!
Zerstörer Jun 11 @ 9:14pm 
Make all of them please <3
[BrigPL]karaberpl7 Jun 11 @ 9:11am 
can you make it for vanilla?
Pred Jun 10 @ 4:24pm 
I'm a simple man. I see Mass Effect, I upvote and favorite. :Khappy:
jvara  [author] Jun 9 @ 8:08pm 
@Eggers11bmre it aldeady is for WotC, thus the [WOTC] on the title xD
Eggers11bmre Jun 9 @ 3:40pm 
Going to make a version for WotC?
jfry Jun 8 @ 7:15pm 
queda bastante guapa
Prkl8r Jun 8 @ 8:39am 
Love the ME armors.

If I could make a request, I would love to see the male and female versions of the Defender armor.

It's the same model as the basic male/female soldier in the ME3 multiplayer.