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Viskal:CALVAR 2.0 (Animated) (2.1.1!)
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Jun 6 @ 6:49pm
Jun 15 @ 4:47pm
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Viskal:CALVAR 2.0 (Animated) (2.1.1!)

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This mod includes a animated, and voiced biomechanical knight species to your game! Inspired by games such as infinity blade, Half life 2, and Mount and blade:Warband. This is for those who wish to add a sense of nobility and pride
to their aliens, Or for those who wish to experience a dark future of unending war..

This is my second mod for stellaris, This was originally a update for the original viskal mod, but the design became too different from the original to be considered a update. so here we are!~

What does this mod include?

A new race under the "Biosynth" Family.
Three unique portraits!
A flag!
Voiced! (new voices coming in 1.2 update)

1.0- Inital release
2.0-Aesthetic update with new models! now there are FIVE.

Lore: The sister race to the original viskal, the CALVAR are a more chivalrous, and generous species. far more level-headed and less warrior-oriented. Calvar architecture and technology resembles many of other races' dark ages. but with a bio-synthetic twist to it. They now sprawl out of Iphinoe to escape their dying planet, and the race they used to call themselves apart of..

This mod does NOT need any of stellaris' Expansion packs or other DLC to work, the base game should do more than enough!~
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Jun 14 @ 7:51pm
bugs and things to improve upon!
< >
bliss.  [author] Jun 12 @ 3:48pm 
unfortunately i have absolutely nnooo idea how to fix that bug. it's the reason why they are separate. once i figure out how to fix it, i'm putting all of them into one mod.
MidnightCoffee Jun 12 @ 3:38pm 
Just a small issue I have, when using this and the other versions, one of the races archetypes won't show. The appearance list is too small, so it either only shows biosynth or biomechanoid. Is there a mod/way to fix this? Or should I just use one at a time
Byeforever Jun 12 @ 2:42pm 
@Waiting for Bliss & @MidnightCoffee Yeah it would be nice if they could spawn as a random empire. I always like the surpise of seeing a species show up that I didn't expect (I know you can just make a spawn-optional empire but that means you know their ethics and etc going in).
bliss.  [author] Jun 12 @ 2:23pm 
thank you for reminding me, that's a good idea!
MidnightCoffee Jun 12 @ 1:58pm 
Also, could you make a collection that includes all 3 of your race mods, and whatever other ones you make? Would make it much simplier to just subscribe to all of them for people who are only just now seeing this one on the frontpage of the workshop!
bliss.  [author] Jun 12 @ 1:57pm 
I'll see what i can do in the next update! thank you for your feedback.
MidnightCoffee Jun 12 @ 1:56pm 
Seeing this race being randomly generated would be nice.
bliss.  [author] Jun 12 @ 1:56pm 
that is unfortunately true..
SilentKore Jun 12 @ 11:13am 
Sad thing is, I can never find any ship sets on the workshop; I have kurogane, and Sins of The Prophets sets but I can never find more than those two lol. (That are of good quality anyway)
bliss.  [author] Jun 12 @ 12:27am 
no! but you can create one to spawn! if you want them to be randomely generated, that can be a feature in the next update.