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Non-Aligned Russia
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Non-Aligned Russia

So, here's small(for now) and simple mod which takes place in the Soviet Union.

As you may all know, if you failed the Purge and simply don't do it, the USSR will fall into a civil war, however, you cannot play as the non-aligned side. This mod made it possible!

In order to get the civil war, and also what can came out of it:
-Failed 1 Purge: Will simply get a civil war
-Failed 2 Purges: You will get the Don-Kuban Uprising to help you in the civil war.
-Failed 3 Purges: You will get the Don-Kuban and the Caucasian Uprising to help you in the civil war.
-Not doing the Purge and refusing the return of Trotsky: You will get the 2 previous uprising and also the Turkic Uprising to help you in the civil war.
(In those 4 cases, Andrey Vlasov as leader)
-Trotskyist Coup: Will lead to a simple civil war, but slighly larger in terms of land.
(Will get Ivan Koniev as leader in this case).

If you manage to win the civil war, you will be able to became Fascist, Democratic or stuck Non-Aligned. After that, you will the possibility to rename Leningrad and Stalingrad, and if you do rename them, you can move the capital to Petrograd(formally Leningrad).

This mod also the change the color during the civil war, the Non-aligned side become green and the Communist side become lighter red(and not a random civil war color), but only if you chose to side with the Non-Aligned side.
It also adds Alexender Kerensky's Portrait, the one from the Kaseirreich mod(all credit goes to them for the picture!)

I plan to change the focus tree of the soviet union so you don't do communist focuses when you're not, and also add some focuses related to the Russian Tsardom and to a Democratic Russia. However, this gonna takes some time.
If you saw any bug or mispelling, tell me and I'm going to fix it!
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Tsarism Jul 9 @ 8:16pm 
Could you make it so that Konev/Vlasov can become the leaders for the Fascist/Democratic parties, rather than just Non-Aligned? Considering Konstantin Radzaevsky was very much a russian Nazi, not necessarily a fascist in the traditional sense that someone like Vlasov was.
TsarKommando75 Jul 7 @ 3:24pm 
Love this idea! Thank you for expanding on this!
Major Suchodolski Jul 7 @ 2:13pm 
Formosa62  [author] Jul 7 @ 2:55am 
@Jmicjr Not yet. Going to do that soon.
Jmicjr Jul 4 @ 11:18pm 
no focus tree?
pocokfej Jun 14 @ 1:38am 
@KORCHANKA vlasolov fought against the bolsheviks. thats another thing that he done it on the nazis side.
Formosa62  [author] Jun 11 @ 11:41am 
@KORCHANKA Well, yeah he foughts with the nazis after being captured, that is true, but you need to calm down a bit through lol. It's actually in the base game that Vlasov becomes leader of the non-aligned side, I left it as it was.
KORCHANKA Jun 11 @ 9:02am 
Fuck Vlasov. He ain't non-aligned. He's a full-blooded nazi who fought for Hitler. If anything, he should be a fascist leader. Not a non-aligned leader.
matts Jun 8 @ 8:26pm 
so... TSAR!!!!
ToastedRabbids Jun 6 @ 12:56pm 
Thank you for this I've always wanted to play as military russia so keep up the good work. :)