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Planet Rings -Torus
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Jun 14 @ 8:36pm
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Planet Rings -Torus

New Megasture Added-Planet RIng (Capital Only)

Cost&Build Time:
Stage 1: Instantaneous minerals 8000 influence = 300
Stage 2:4800 days minerals 20000
Stage 3:4800 days minerals 20000 influence = 500

Stage 1: Technology "Torus Rings" which will show up after star base level 3 tech is researched
Stage 2: Technology "Mega Engineering" and Technology "Titan" , This stage has 2 options, you can either build a defense network or an orbital factory generating energy as well as minerals
Stage 3: Finishe the remaining update ( Defense platform or factory, depends on your choice in stage 2 )

New Starting system:
Adv Terrans in the Custom Empire View with a initial ring at the capital

Effects on production:
Initial : Happiness +30% All resources production +50% energy&mineral +120
Upgraded: Happiness +30% All resources production +100% energy&mineral +500

Effects on defense:
Initial : Orbital Bombardment Damage - 50%
Upgraded: Orbital Bombardment Damage - 85%
Defense Network-6 defense stations (When destroyed, a special project is created and you need to finish it to rebuild the defense station)

Ship Building

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=ADK= Skylark Oct 13 @ 1:02pm 
Its an ok mod. When upgrading to the next stage it suggest that you increase its production by 500 Mineral and 600 Energy Credits but it reducese the production from 2k of each to just that much. And for a 6 Defense platforms, which if you destroy cant come back.
Veronica Oct 11 @ 9:59pm 
its Extremely op, i think it has to need more tech/perks to be effective for it to get balanced.
HorrendousRex Oct 9 @ 3:44pm 
Just my two cents: I love the idea here, but it's WAY too powerful. IMO, it would be closer to correct if the "construction site" (the thing you build first) didn't give any bonuses. It should also require Mega Engineering to build the base, I think, or else the torus tech should depend on it or some other late-game tech.

As it stands, it's just a rush to build the first torus and then wipe up the rest of the galaxy as you push further and further ahead of them.

To be fair though, I only know that because I've used this mod for the past few months and love it, other than that one issue! Thanks for the mod!
Ryan Oct 2 @ 12:53pm 
would be great if the language xml could show in every version the english description. Atm I have a missin _desc error
Silver Sep 25 @ 5:34am 
The idea is great, but the balance is way too OP. the costs are very low and the yields ridiculous. It's no fun to be the the only strong empire and all the others are 'pathetic' in power relation. Hoping the author will balance this properly.
Red-Eyed_Fairace Sep 14 @ 3:00am 
@MasterOfGrey: the one you're talking about is the Orbital Factory, the one that gives 2K+ energy and minerals, I think it was design like that becuase the torus has no armament when that was picked, (All torus modul focuses on production, mimicing a fully orperational orbital factory) if you build the stage 3, production is capped at 25% of the orbital factory and the 75% is of the torus is set for planetary defence. the amount will be reduced to 500+ energy and minerals. So yeah, in short, it was purposely designed like that.
LegionOfMe Sep 9 @ 1:18pm 
So, since Stage 2 requires the Technology "Titan", I need to have the DLC (Apocalypse?), right?
MasterOfGrey Sep 2 @ 6:00am 
Are you aware that the mining ring upgrade produces more than the final product? I suspect there's a digit that's not meant to be in the file. Also it's a bit of a let down when the final upgrade produces less resources.
RenegadeMastah Aug 31 @ 6:37am 
nice mod, but ca. 100 energy and min per month for free is a liitle bit op
Inucroft Aug 30 @ 4:51am 
@Evilcouchpotato the Ai production... isn't fully tied to their planetary production