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Planet Rings -Torus
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Jun 5 @ 9:18am
Jun 14 @ 8:36pm
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Planet Rings -Torus

New Megasture Added-Planet RIng (Capital Only)

Cost&Build Time:
Stage 1: Instantaneous minerals 8000 influence = 300
Stage 2:4800 days minerals 20000
Stage 3:4800 days minerals 20000 influence = 500

Stage 1: Technology "Torus Rings" which will show up after star base level 3 tech is researched
Stage 2: Technology "Mega Engineering" and Technology "Titan" , This stage has 2 options, you can either build a defense network or an orbital factory generating energy as well as minerals
Stage 3: Finishe the remaining update ( Defense platform or factory, depends on your choice in stage 2 )

New Starting system:
Adv Terrans in the Custom Empire View with a initial ring at the capital

Effects on production:
Initial : Happiness +30% All resources production +50% energy&mineral +120
Upgraded: Happiness +30% All resources production +100% energy&mineral +500

Effects on defense:
Initial : Orbital Bombardment Damage - 50%
Upgraded: Orbital Bombardment Damage - 85%
Defense Network-6 defense stations (When destroyed, a special project is created and you need to finish it to rebuild the defense station)

Ship Building

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Evilcouchpotato 5 hours ago 
The AI got these REAL quick on their home planets, couldn;t figure out how they were throwing a constant stream of 4k fleets early game
raxuis1 Aug 19 @ 5:14pm 
so does this mean that you can only build one ring per game? and what happens if you move your capital or if your capital is on a ringworld?
Nutella94 Aug 17 @ 11:49am 
im interessted if you intendet the Turos to Rotate. if yes than it buggs a lil bit. but im noticing that everytime i watch inside the Torus system it hat a new position
cismo2010 Aug 15 @ 3:25pm 
Is it normal that the Ring is giving you 2k Minerals & Energy at Stage 2?

If not, would you mind fixing it, it's a little bit too unbalanced ;)
JangumTute Aug 9 @ 1:53am 
Anyone else getting crashes from this mod now, I was able to use it just fine before, but now it crashes, and yes, i did it single it down to this mod. For some reason mid/late game is when it starts crashing, not sure why but once you disable the mod, the game will continue just fine.
Psunig Aug 5 @ 7:50pm 
The fact that the AI can build this could be seen as a balance against the player if they can get to it. Although, this may leave implications later if they had this before you do and can ultimately raze the galaxy if you can't stop them.

Luckily, the AI with this usually seem docile so far in my current game. But that could change if it's take over by a warring AI.
darthalexj Aug 4 @ 4:00pm 
Any chance you could remove the "Titans" tech requirement? Otherwise this mod does nothing for me, I don't have Apocalypse.
Officer Bogan Aug 2 @ 5:54pm 
Hey, I didn't get the project to repair the defenses. Mind telling me what events triggers the repair ?
Aeternum Jul 29 @ 10:33am 
This is a really good looking mod, though pretty OP in the early game.
Maybe add a construction time and a more late-game tech to allow you to build it.
In my game I built it as soon as I could which doubled my economy. I promptly loaded an earlier save to keep the game from being spoiled.
bwill Jul 27 @ 6:24am 
There's a typo in the tier two factory right? It's base 2000 minerals and energy which I assume is supposed to be base 200