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Wibbles! WOTC (newest version)
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May 27 @ 5:55pm
Jul 10 @ 2:29pm
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Wibbles! WOTC (newest version)

Old computer with my data died. I had to re-upload as a new mod in order to update.


This is an advanced ai controlled chryssalid soldier that you can build.
He talks in text bubbles above his head and comments about things...
He has a shoulder mounted rocket launcher and fully automatic autocannon...

Wibbles is a barracks soldier that can level up and gain new abilities.
Buy them in the avenger under the items tab... They then will be available in the barracks selection.
You can also now buy an item that will transport a wibbles onto the battlefield out of your barracks without taking up a soldier slot... This will only transport wibbles that are not injured!
Equip hats and helmets onto them via secondary item slot on their loadouts... You can also give them a pose at the end of missions for photobooth.


-In zip mode wibbles will not face the targets he will shoot projectiles at. This is a vanilla bug and not related to my mods animations..
I encourage anyone using this mod

-Wibbles will be unable to follow your soldiers into a chosen stronghold.. He will be unable to enter the final portal area and will be sent back to the avenger as a result.. Do not attempt to bring wibbles into chosen fight with beacon either! bugs may occur!

-Do not bring him on the lost and abandoned mission tutorial.. You will not be able to evacuate at the end since it will not count him as a soldier.

-Having more then one wibbles at a time might cause some small issues with dialog being slightly out of order.

-Wibbles will rank up very slowly when brought onto missions via the beacon item... Put him into the dropship to get him more xp faster.

Thanks to Aeronautic for giving me one of the tophats to use :)
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That really sucks. Maybe someone should by-proxy for him. Or he could make a second account for modding, I suppose. (I'm pretty sure using the Family Sharing gives access to workshop and DevKits.)

But yeah, that kinda sucks. I was really hoping this would continue to be developed :(

Its one of my favorite mods!
Pumapaw Jul 15 @ 7:54am 
Seems a little drastic to ban a modder that just went through his dogs death. Steam grow up controlling speech has never been a thing in the USA.
Salkin51113 Jul 15 @ 7:48am 
Im letting you all know that fireborn cannot continue any mods on the workshop because of a recent steam change that disallows creators to upload mods to games that they have ever been banned on the discussions for. As many of you know fireborn has been banned from discussions well over a year ago so now he can no longer interact in any way on the workshop.
fireborn  [author] Jul 10 @ 2:31pm 
Alright ran some tests. Seemed okay for the most part.
It is now updated.
fireborn  [author] Jul 9 @ 4:19pm 
Alright so valiant sacrifice will now grant all nearby allies +20 defense as well as the usual buffs/aggro to wibbles... I think this is a good alternative to a sort of team shield.

Soul chain will now be able to be hooked onto robotic units now to make it equally enticing to get compared to valiant sacrifice.

I also adapted wibbles ai to only melee purifiers/bladestormers/chosen melee immunity and so forth only as a last resort if he for some reason cant do anything else.

Im going to be bug testing these tonight and upload them hopefully today or tormarrow.

@Skarsatai 2.0: Wibbles is actually programmed to try to solo supply raids since they are important for the player to win. That and retaliation missions he wont evacuate on at all... Now that being said i can see how sometimes you may want him evacuated anyway... Ill try to put some sort of player controlled evac for him soon.
Skarsatai 2.0 Jul 9 @ 12:48pm 
@ . Well another case of "wibble" did not return. On a mission ( collecting supplies) wibble remained on the map until it died. the following stats I have for you: one chosen (hunter) was on the map. I had to withdraw the squad. wibble remained and fought til its end ( btw. the fireblast is great). wibble was ordered to the map via wibble item. I suggest as a new ideas the wibble return command.
fireborn  [author] Jul 5 @ 5:54pm 
Ill try to see what i can do with this shield idea.. Maybe something similar to sparks sacrifice
GUA Jul 4 @ 4:13pm 
FB, I once suggested a "Team Shield" ability for Wibs. Like the one from the Tank class. Other than this, Wibs is amazing as he is.
The Wraith Alex is referring to is the new Psi-ops enemies, I think either Mushashi or Reality Machina created. They are set to Immune to Melee.
I sometimes wish Wibs would move out of the way from a Codex psi-bomb. They always get him with this.
fireborn  [author] Jul 4 @ 1:57pm 
Hrmmm... It is probably possible.
Although i dont know what an advent wraith is... I would need the template names of his abilities that make him immune in order to code wibbles to not attack them when the effect is active.

I dont even know what mod they are from or anything.
Alex Nares Jul 4 @ 11:50am 
Just a thought Fireborn.

Is there any way to improve Wibbles AI so that he does not melee enemies that are immune to melee damage? I've been having my entire Wibbles squad trying to melee the Chosen or Advent Wraiths when they are immune to melee damage.