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[WOTC] Critical Skirmishing
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May 24 @ 8:11pm
Aug 24 @ 9:45pm
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[WOTC] Critical Skirmishing

Something that I've always found odd about the Skirmisher's abilities is their propensity to avoid critical hits. The Ripjack can deal critical damage but has no critical chance. The ability Whiplash has critical chance but deals no critical damage.

This mod adjusts both the Ripjack and Whiplash so that the Skirmisher can crit with them.

Whiplash now also has a base critical chance of 10%, which can be adjusted in the .ini.

This mod works both mid-campaign and mid-tactical.
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电波 Oct 1 @ 7:53am 
These MODs are great ideas, I subscribed to many.
Udaya  [author] May 29 @ 4:31pm 
@ATRZ Perhaps, but since popular mods like "Not Enough Skirmishing" and "Skirmisher Rebalance" already modify the Parkour GTS perk for Skirmishers, I think the Workshop will be better off without Skirmisher minimods that conflict with a different GTS perk.
ATRZ May 29 @ 3:10pm 
imho Ripjack&Whiplash crits should be a GTS perk. Just a thought.
The endangered spycrab May 28 @ 10:11am 
Jesus. Crits for Skirmisher attacks as if they were not strong enough already.
Udaya  [author] May 28 @ 7:00am 
@DisturbingLackOfFaith It’s certainly compatible with that mod. I used that one before switching to “Not Enough Skirmishing” since the Parkour GTS perk is more balanced in it. Aside from that, they’re basically the same mod.
Schleicherfreund May 26 @ 10:37am 
Udaya  [author] May 26 @ 10:30am 
@Schleicherfreund I just tested Whiplash right now, and the critical damage output appears to be 16 for robotic units; two consecutive 8’s.
Udaya  [author] May 26 @ 9:11am 
@Schleicherfreund Not exactly, but I do know that Whiplash deals two separate damage outputs during the extra damage calculation, just like Combat Protocol. It’s usually just two consecutive red 6’s, but I guess that with a crit they might both deal 8 damage. Course, it might just be one 8 and one 6.
Schleicherfreund May 26 @ 4:16am 
Do you know how the additional crit damage translates onto robotic enemies?