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Nomads: The wandering Void Farers
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Nomads: The wandering Void Farers

To many Space is the final frontier but to those who live in the void it is the frontier. This mod allows you to play as a Void Farer with the Options currently being able to play as a Nomad nation or a Marauder nation.

What this mod does is:
-Add in a new game play style where you are not completely bound to owning systems with the option of just losing your systems and moving elsewhere.
-New Ship types unique to each type of void farer.
-Adds civics allowing you to play as a void farer.
-Adds a new economy system based on what little planets you may have and your Starbases and Fleet Supports.
-The ability to build ships and fleets though megastructure projects

More void farer types and game styles will come as I work on the mod more. But for now do not select the Ancient drones civic (It does nothing for now) or the Reaver Civic (Need to tweak it some more but it is playable somewhat its similar to the marauder but you gain even more resources and resource types from purging pops and share ship types with the marauders currently just purge crazy marauders).
For more information on Void farer empire gameplay style Read my post about it.

Future plans:
-Add the Ancient drones as a playable Void Farer empire.
-A finished Reaver genocidal game style where everyone in galaxy hates and fears you even purifiers of your own species. There will be three types. Reavers, Tech Reavers, and Shrouded Reavers.
-Complete name lists and empire names for Void Farers.
-Add in more supports for the Void Farers.

This mod does not overwrite any vanilla files.
it will conflict with mods that have the following.

Also Special thanks to ViolentBeetle and Dayshine for their helpful advice for how to make some of my events work. If you have not already check out their mods.

For more information about Void Farers Click on the link below.
To support my work please donate to my patreon.
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Thazgar Jun 17 @ 6:16am 
@Xen'drek I think it's something the Author will need to look. Only nomads ar bugged tho'.
Xen'drek Jun 16 @ 5:07pm 
@Shadow @Thazgar Do either of you know of a way to fix it then? Or is it something the Author will need to look into?
Thazgar Jun 16 @ 11:07am 
I just tested some more. Marauders and Reavers works flawlessly. Nomads ships are totally bugged to, may it be Miners, Tankers or Corvettes.
Shadow Jun 14 @ 5:19pm 
You aren't supposed to design them. Also the missing ship box is a bug and sometimes it doesn't happen and other times it does.
Thazgar Jun 14 @ 12:55pm 
It appears i can't build or design mining and factory ships. They appears invisible in the ship designer, and just don't spawn when builded.
I guess they don't have any models, i got the missing ship box.

Great mod however.
Aizer Jun 12 @ 2:21pm 
are void farer still not playable?
Their corvettes look like boxes to me
Xen'drek Jun 8 @ 12:30am 
Is anyone else having problems with this? Would love to get it working.
I am unable to design or make Mining Ships, Energy Tankers and a few others as in the designer they have an extra componet which has no options.
Additionally when making the Nomad corvettes they appear as the missing texture box.
Snorrp Jun 7 @ 6:25pm 
Waiting for this for so long
Leri-Weill [FRA] Jun 4 @ 9:57am 
Awesome, thanks for the update, I'll try it out asap!
Redeemed Soul Jun 2 @ 1:16pm 
Any update to the mod soon?