Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV

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Kaiserreich release countries and return territory submod
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May 7 @ 3:26pm
May 10 @ 8:06pm
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Kaiserreich release countries and return territory submod

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Note you don't need this submod to release countries and return territory anymore as they added it back in the main mod.

This allows you to release countries and return territory in Kaiserreich
In other words this mod will make a happy Kaiser.

Update removed music because of music mod conflicts and also to lower the file size down.

When the winged hussars arrived.

Thank you good people for getting this to the front page of the workshop.

Cheers bub.
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The English Crusader May 12 @ 3:42pm 
@Memel Because Kaiserreich has a gigantic balancing act of events, Releasing a nation or returning territory could royally fuck things up event wise, Plus if you are supposed to be able to return territory or create a puppet they'll add an event or a decision for it.
Conservative Critters May 12 @ 2:59pm 
Why did they even remove this in the first place?
Enriador May 12 @ 11:41am 
@TheSyrianGamer Since the 0.6.3 hotfix.
TheSyrianGamer May 12 @ 4:41am 
Can you really not release countries in Kaiserreich? When did they make it like this?
TheBlgNasty May 12 @ 3:27am 
thank god dude you are a hero
WannVer May 12 @ 2:58am 
Thank you sooo much dude!
Blackburn Buccaneer  [author] May 11 @ 3:18pm 
I have there are no changes to the music anymore.
Enriador May 11 @ 3:08pm 
Can you make a pure version without the changes to music?
Blackburn Buccaneer  [author] May 11 @ 1:48pm 
About the coups probably not because of the custom ideologies but it is a good idea that someone else could do. Cheers bub.:XMen::vikingball::moonball::Cadet_hoi::Eagle_hoi::peace_hoi::polandball:
Logandp7 May 11 @ 1:39pm 
Could you make a mod like this that adds the ability to stage coups back in? The devs removed it from KR.