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Reaper Scythe Class
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Reaper Scythe Class

Every Reaper uses stealth and distraction as a powerful asset, slaying foes from the shadows, but some prefer to dispatch their enemies with a swift blade rather than anything quite as... loud... as using explosives. Of course, they still carry the Reapers' signature Vektor rifle, and are quite capable of killing from a distance as well.

The Reaper Scythe class is an additional class for the Reapers. Newly created Reapers will have a random chance to be a Reaper Scythe instead.

  • Reaper Scythe Squaddies get Shadow, like a typical Reaper, but also gain the ability to use a sword rather than a claymore.
  • At Corporal level, Reaper Scythes can choose between Sting and Shadow Rising, which adds an additional charge to Shadow.
  • At Sergeant level, they get Target Definition or Triple Sting, which adds two additional charges to Sting.
  • At Lieutenant level, they get Silent Killer, Blademaster or Needle.
  • At Captain level, they get Hunter's Instinct (the same as the Ranger GTS perk), Assassinate, which is a two-action shot that has a 0% chance of detection on a kill, or Honed Edge, which adds shred to melee attacks.
  • At Major level, they get Implacable or Banish.
  • And at Colonel level, they get Bladestorm or Total Darkness, which greatly reduces enemy detection radii, possibly to zero.

Make sure you have the Multiple Faction Soldier Classes mod installed, or Reaper Scythes won't show up!

WOTC Only.
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PZ  [author] Jun 2 @ 9:41am 
Thank you for your input. I'm probably not going to make major revisions to the class at this point because I'm still trying to get rid of annoying bugs, but I will keep that in mind if and when I do revisit the class's main abilities.
JM001 May 31 @ 12:51pm 
So first off I have to say great freaking job with this and the other faction classes, really top notch work and for the most part balance. This class I think is the only one that might be slightly strong.

IMO the class is made too strong by 3 skills. The skills are silent killer, shadow strike and hunters instinct. The 3 combined let the Scythe go on a murdering rampage without ever losing concealment.

What I would suggest is very simple, just don't let them have one of those skills. If it were me, and to keep the theme of the class, I would get rid of the silent killer perk on them. From what I see the intention of the class is go unseen for a little bit but definitely break concealment before all pods are taken down (which is further strengthened by the shadow rising perk).

Either way I still enjoy the class and functionally think it's awesome. I just wanted to throw my input out there.
Hopalongtom May 23 @ 7:38am 
Glad to hear that helped to narrow down the issue! ^_^
PZ  [author] May 22 @ 4:49pm 
The fact that it seemed to randomly work right the second time suggests to me that there might be issues with the randomization of the classes (and also probably explains why I haven't been able to reproduce it) so I've applied a fix that should hopefully help. Please let me know if you still have problems.
Hopalongtom May 22 @ 8:04am 
They were a Reaper Character pool, I reloaded a save and she came out a normal Reaper the second time! Other class mods are the WoTC Spartan, and the RPG Overhaul, plus most of its class intergration addons, and your other two Faction Classes! Since I didn't keep that save, I'll make note of the command to try next time it happens.
PZ  [author] May 21 @ 8:24pm 
I've heard about this bug happening but I haven't been able to reproduce it. Is it a character pool character or a random? Are you using other class mods? Does using MakeFactionSoldierAClass to set them to a Reaper fix it?
Hopalongtom May 21 @ 2:10pm 
Sometimes you'll be granted a normal Reaper, but with the perk tree of the Reaper Scythe, unable to equip a sword to make use of them as the game thinks they're a normal Reaper.
[RPGnet] Matsci May 18 @ 10:13pm 
Hmm, this class really need a SilentTakedown esk ability, Like the one in the Katana pack. Some sort of Ability that let it go back into Shadow if it's attack kills a enemy, maybe with a long cooldown
OverEnglishMan May 15 @ 3:38pm 
That wouldn't surprise me. I've made reality so unstable I've had whole buildings teleporting a square to the left before now. But I just love the idea of a stealth / melee reaper!
PZ  [author] May 15 @ 3:30pm 
There's probably still a bug in this mod or in some other mod that you're using. However it's likely to be almost impossible to pinpoint at this point so... I guess that's all I can say for now. I'm glad it's working for you!