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Skirmisher Heavy Class
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Skirmisher Heavy Class

Prior to the widespread adoption of the current ADVENT MEC design, the ADVENT administration made use of humanoid grenadiers. Most of these troops were later repurposed or 'retired,' but some instead found their way into the Skirmishers. They do not really use the Ripjack, but instead have a Grenade Launcher and a potent arsenal of explosives at their disposal.

The Skirmisher Heavy class is an additional class for the Skirmishers. Newly created Skirmishers will have a random chance to be a Skirmisher Heavy instead.

  • Skirmisher Heavy Squaddies get Marauder, like normal Skirmishers, but they get Launch Grenade and an extra grenade item slot instead of a Ripjack.
  • At Corporal level, Skirmisher Heavies can choose between Heavy Ordnance or Total Combat.
  • At Sergeant level, they get Grapple, Return Fire or Barrage, which can be activated to get a bonus action to launch a grenade.
  • At Lieutenant level, they get Demolition, Biggest Booms (which is the same as the Grenadier GTS perk) or Tactical Rigging.
  • At Captain level, they get Volatile Mix or Interrupt.
  • At Major level, they get Combat Presence or Extra Heavy Ordnance, which grants a third grenade from whatever is in the grenade-only slot.
  • And at Colonel level, they get Battlelord or Blaster Strike, which creates a blaster bomb explosion anywhere within range.

Make sure you have the Multiple Faction Soldier Classes mod installed, or Skirmisher Heavies won't show up!

WOTC Only.
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buchanan.johnd Jun 18 @ 12:25am 
Thanks, I'll try it!
PZ  [author] Jun 17 @ 8:11pm 
There's an ini option which is enabled by default to strongly favor the new classes. You can turn that off and you'll get an even split.
buchanan.johnd Jun 17 @ 7:47pm 
Does this disable vanilla skirmishers? I have enabled this and the psion and the extra reaper one but it seems like every time i'm getting the new classes. RNG or are other people seeing that?
PZ  [author] Jun 13 @ 4:11pm 
Sorry for the slow response, I've been busy lately. Anyway, the Skirmisher Heavy pulls from its own unique pool of abilities that won't conflict with the XCOM pool.
Whiskey144 Jun 4 @ 4:33pm 
Does the Skirmisher Heavy use the same pool of XCOM bonus abilities as the regular Skirmisher, or does it pull from a different, unique pool? Considering that three of the skills the Heavy gets by nature would end up duplicated by the XCOM pool the regular Skirmisher has, how has the bonus ability pool been changed for the Skirmisher Heavy?
Hopalongtom May 22 @ 8:18am 
Already used a console command to spawn a normal Skirmisher, but I've added the command, should be able to see if it works on my next campaign!
PZ  [author] May 21 @ 8:26pm 
Add UnrestrictRipjack=true to XComFactionClasses.ini and it will remove the class restrictions on upgrading the Ripjack.
Hopalongtom May 21 @ 2:12pm 
Could you add Skirmisher Heavy to the presequence for upgrading the Ripjack? For when you don't roll a normal Skirmisher, but still use Ripjacks though the Utility slot Gear mod!
JM001 May 16 @ 7:07pm 
Ahhh ok for some reason I thought they still had the ripjack in one of their slots. Nevermind then :P.
PZ  [author] May 16 @ 2:42pm 
The ripjack slot is the secondary slot and for a Skirmisher Heavy is used by the grenade launcher. They don't have a "wasted" slot as such.