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Templar Psion Class
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Templar Psion Class

There are some Templars who believe that nothing so vulgar as an automatic pistol should be used by a true psionic warrior. Instead, they've adopted XCOM's Psi Amp technology and merged it with their own, allowing them to unlock even more formidable psionic talents.

The Templar Psion class is an additional class for the Templars. Newly created Templars will have a random chance to be a Templar Psion instead.

  • Instead of Volt, Templar Psions get a version of Insanity that costs 1 focus but has no cooldown. Their other Squaddie-level abilities are the same as a regular Templar.
  • At Corporal level, Templar Psions can choose between Soulfire, Amplify, and Stasis, which all cost 1 focus to use.
  • At Sergeant level, they get Overcharge or Stasis Shield.
  • At Lieutenant level, they get Parry, Solace, Sustain, or Deep Focus.
  • At Captain level, they get Schism, Fortress, or Rapid Soulfire, which allows the use of Soulfire without ending the turn.
  • At Major level, they get Domination or Inspire, both of which cost 1 focus.
  • And at Colonel level, they get either Null Lance or Void Rift, both of which cost 2 focus, or Supreme Focus, which allows a 4th level of Focus.

Like a Psi Operative, a Templar Psion does not get randomized XCOM perks.

Make sure you have the Multiple Faction Soldier Classes mod installed, or Templar Psions won't show up!

You won't see a Psi stat because the game is hardcoded to only show it for Psi Operatives. You can use my UI mod to fix that.

WOTC Only.
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LittleViktor Sep 23 @ 5:47pm 
@PZ, Great mod! Any chance you would do a RPGO port? I'd really love to train soldiers with templar skills! Thanks!
ctzodiac Sep 22 @ 4:17pm 
Where is the "FavorNewClasses" line? Can't find it anywhere...
PZ  [author] Sep 18 @ 6:23pm 
No, you have to recruit one just like the normal templar.
EvilNecroid Sep 18 @ 10:36am 
can i train a rookie to be a psion?
EvilJoshy Sep 16 @ 8:05am 
Thanks for posting the solution for this bug. I got it too but didn;t realize it until late game. My templar says he's a templar but he has the psion abilities. I thought nothing of it but it was way later did I realize the problem. For some reason he had the auto pistol instead of the amp and it wouldn't let me change. Soulfire and Insanity weren''t doing any dmg or had very low %'s to land. I'm going to try the console command to adjust that. ty.
PZ  [author] Aug 30 @ 7:31pm 
@Red Queen
That has been an occasional issue that I unfortunately haven't been able to reproduce. I feel like it must have something to do with a few other people running some mods (or not running some mods, though I don't use very many) or otherwise doing something that interferes... if I can ever definitively reproduce the bug then I'll be able to fix it, but until then, it remains elusive and best fixed with the console command.

It is its own tree, and shouldn't affect normal Templar stuff.
Red Queen Aug 30 @ 7:09pm 
I have the same issue as Smilodonka and Zentsuki. I had a soldier listed as a templar but having the abilities of a templarpsion. It can be easily fixed with the console command, Makefactionsoldieraclass "Firstname Lastname" templar/templarpsion however, so it might just be something to look into for curiousities sake.
DisasterZone Aug 7 @ 8:44am 
@PZ Does this mod interfere with any mod that already changes up Templar abilities, or is this a seperate ability tree that wont be affected?
timalcorn13 Jul 12 @ 11:47am 
Hi, I'm trying to add the pillar skill to this class but I can't seem to get the skill to load correctly. I was wondering if I could get some advice on what I might be doing wrong?
Smilodonka Jul 9 @ 11:31pm 
It did happen again, in a different campaign but with the same character funnily enough. Exact same situation. I wonder what could be causing this...