Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV

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Map overhaul
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Apr 17 @ 10:39am
Jul 11 @ 1:01am
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Map overhaul

Glad to introduce this new mod (almost)
previous versions of this had been released but were scrapped relatively fast

this one was made with perfection


Not compatible with any other mod thats changing the particle effec
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Brawler 12 hours ago 
Hey guys any news on update ?
love this mod so much
BlueBangkok Jul 12 @ 7:50am 
Any chance of getting an update for the current version?
elitewolf Jul 11 @ 7:49am 
Good mod!!
Nichlas  [author] Jun 26 @ 6:38am 
Kentucky, the game uses different picture sizes all linked to the distance you are above the ground. I'm sorry you had to use a gtx 940, i myself use a gtx 630 and i can agree, that i cannot run this game without lowering my settings to the minimum. But my mod definetly should not be the cause of your fps problem, my mod changes the textures inside the vanilla texture map. It shouldn't have such an impact on your performance.
KentuckyFriedStalin Jun 25 @ 10:58pm 
Ok i love this mod quite a lot, as it makes it a little more pleasing to look at. Unfortunately my graphics card fried so i had to use this crappy old gtx 940. I noticed that the framerate on this signifigantly dropped whe i zoomed out but increased when i zoomed in. I dont root around into the games textures and graphical engine that much but i think the game has an ability to optimize the graphical performance by using a low detail engine and texture set for when the camera is zoomed out. This helps to optimize the game for older graphics processors. If this is true, then i think you may need to utilize it, as many graphically impressive games utilize a graphical engine like this and i think HOI4 does too. Just a suggestion.
I'm bored Jun 13 @ 1:15pm 
The Powerful God Wololo Jun 4 @ 7:26am 
Very impressive. Your work is very well made, keep it up brother:steamhappy:
Colonel O'Neil Jun 3 @ 7:18am 
Totally awesome! Very, very nice job, mate.
Chairman Meow May 14 @ 3:20pm 
Nichlas  [author] May 5 @ 3:16am 
Thank you :)