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Victoria Louise for Kaiserin (Compatibility Version)
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Victoria Louise for Kaiserin (Compatibility Version)

IMPORTANT: Read the description!


This mod allows the player to get Victoria Louise as Kaiserin even if the Hindenburg blew up and without joining the Allies. Due to the fact that this here is now the maximum compatibility version most feature have been removed. If you want the full experience please check out the full version linked at the end of the page.
To get the decision which puts Victoria on the throne you need Wilhelm III as the new Kaiser. Then the decision will show up in the political actions category.

- made this as compatible as possible
- removed most features

Should be compatible with almost every mod, as long as it doesn't overhaul ideologies.
Please contact me if you encounter any issues, I'll try to fix them as soon as possible.

1.5.* Cornflakes
Waking the Tiger DLC

The Full Version with all features:
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Benzinmotor  [author] Jul 13 @ 6:10am 
@ JoCgame, yes but the death event fires anyways :D
JoCgame Jul 13 @ 5:21am 
The only wierd thing is: I didn't chose Willy 2. as my leader, I chose Wilhelm 3. I dont understand it but Ill see. Heil dir im Siegerkranz XD
JoCgame Jul 13 @ 5:19am 
Ok Cool thank you
Benzinmotor  [author] Jul 13 @ 5:16am 
@ JOCgame, Well I did some research about your problem and it seems to be the Deutschland Erwache mod with it's death event. It does trigger the event for Wilhelm II death always because there's no way to get Victoria in Erwache and you can choose between Willy II and Willy III . The death event then always kills the current ruler and replaces him with Willhelm III. As I cannot fix this issue by other means than making a patch, for now I can give you the event Id for Victoria's takeover so you can get her back. The event of my mod Id is: "vikiIII.1"
JoCgame Jul 13 @ 3:27am 
JoCgame Jul 13 @ 3:27am 
I am using the Deutschland Erwache 2 mod (basically the on Rimmy Downundergaming used in his recent video)
Benzinmotor  [author] Jul 13 @ 2:48am 
@ JoCgame, no it's not. I wonder why though... In vanilla the events for the death of the Kaiser are locked to his time as a ruler. I'll have to investigate. Are you using the new Deutschland Erwache version or the old one?
JoCgame Jul 13 @ 2:29am 
Q: is it intended that she dies when Wilhelm 2. dies (at least when playing with the Deutschland Erwache mod)
Drear Jun 30 @ 5:34pm 
neither this or the other mod works
Benzinmotor  [author] Mar 20 @ 5:45am 
@ cumpdiggins because posting a explanation takes to much letters to write (thanks steam for 1000 letters cap)