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[WOTC] EU/EWI Map Remakes
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[WOTC] EU/EWI Map Remakes

Remakes of iconic buildings from EU/EWI we all love and hate. :)
Im not doing all buildings just the ones i found most memorable and fit in within xcom 2 parcels (32x32 tiles limit)..

3/13 maps finished

SlaughterHouse "Done"
*FarmHouse - from EWI
*Liquor store
*Ice cream - from EWI Tutorial
TV Stations "Done"
Boulevard "Done"
*UFO Small Scout
*Industrial Office
*Gas Station


Q: Will you make a vanilla version of the mod?
A: No, it uses WOTC assets so it would be time consuming figuring out which object works with what and replace it

Q: Is it compatible with other map mods?
A: Absolutely is, compatible with map mods or anything out there

Q: Will there be different versions of the building EX: Boulevard but in slums?
A: ATM wanna make all buildings appear on smalltowns if i finish this before the release of xcom 3 ill indeed make versions of the buildings
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Toxic Frog Nov 8 @ 4:21am 
Didn't try it yet, but the screenshot look fantastic, thanks.
eclipsezr  [author] Oct 15 @ 2:42pm 
@Arkhangel None of them where yet i wanna leave this one as wotc and upcoming ones with TLE since it adds new assets will help a ton
Arkhangel Oct 15 @ 3:30am 
I actually don't think any of these were ones TLP added. could be wrong though.
Mac Dog64 Oct 7 @ 7:02am 
Thanks for you hard work eclipsezr. I predict the ones you made are going to be better than the Legacy ones. My reason being is that unfortunately im fairly certain the developers on a livestream said there increasing the size of the old maps with this legacy version. Meaning were not going to have close quarter small maps like the EU ones were. Oh well at least Faraxis are bringing them back, I still want a cyberdisc and a mechtoid though :)
Jonah1409 Oct 3 @ 9:35am 
eclipsezr... thank you for all of your sterling work across all of your mods! Whilst TLP is settling in I'm going to go vanilla (ish) but look forward to seeing what you do with the new assets.
4rrakis Oct 3 @ 12:01am 
It is understandable that you don't want to dublicate official dlc, but I wouldn't rush things now. We still don't know if they recreated the same parts as you did. Maybe there is no overlap at all.
Vulpes Oct 2 @ 11:59pm 
Ah, okay... Thank you for your work! :)
eclipsezr  [author] Oct 2 @ 5:39pm 

Due to the dlc having maps recreations i may remove or rename the mod entirely.Also create a new mod with new maps that firaxis didnt put on the dlc.
4rrakis Oct 2 @ 2:43pm 
I don't think it will be useless. Even if they chose the same maps to recreate, the execution could be different enough to have both at the same time.
Vulpes Oct 2 @ 2:22pm 
How do you think it will integrate with the Legacy Pack? Gonna be useless now...?