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[WOTC] EU/EWI Map Remakes
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Mar 11 @ 2:37pm
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[WOTC] EU/EWI Map Remakes

Remakes of iconic buildings from EU/EWI we all love and hate. :)
Im not doing all buildings just the ones i found most memorable and fit in within xcom 2 parcels (32x32 tiles limit)..

3/13 maps finished

SlaughterHouse "Done"
*FarmHouse - from EWI
*Liquor store
*Ice cream - from EWI Tutorial
TV Stations "Done"
Boulevard "Done"
*UFO Small Scout
*Industrial Office
*Gas Station


Q: Will you make a vanilla version of the mod?
A: No, it uses WOTC assets so it would be time consuming figuring out which object works with what and replace it

Q: Is it compatible with other map mods?
A: Absolutely is, compatible with map mods or anything out there

Q: Will there be different versions of the building EX: Boulevard but in slums?
A: ATM wanna make all buildings appear on smalltowns if i finish this before the release of xcom 3 ill indeed make versions of the buildings
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eclipsezr  [author] 19 hours ago 
@GingerBreadBro3 Just wait when i release the construction remake or the bar n grill :)
GingerBreadBro3 20 hours ago 
did seeing all these nostalgic locations make anyone else tear up??
eclipsezr  [author] May 12 @ 11:17am 
@Brakkey Gurdy Fun Fact its actually 5x easier to do this building remakes set in lost city than smalltown, since i wont have to go very detail in them.
Brakkey Gurdy I May 12 @ 9:57am 
The TV station would be an excellent lost city building.
Daryl Dixon May 10 @ 1:47pm 
Wait theres actually evidence of a new expansion? Awesome!
Mac Dog64 May 10 @ 1:41pm 
@eclipsezr: Yeah thats a good point actually, yours would still probably be better though haha:)
eclipsezr  [author] May 10 @ 11:20am 
@mazisky This and other map mods im holding off in some way, you may never know they could bring the old maps from eu as a expansion...Best to wait than spent countless hours working something that be similar to a expansion.
mazisky May 10 @ 10:00am 
@mac Dog64

We have evidence that Firaxis will announce a 2nd expansion on Pcgamingshow, 12 June, so it's safe for all modders to wait that date.
Mac Dog64 May 10 @ 4:38am 
eclipsezr is doing the right thing to hold fire on this project. The thing is no one knows for certain if Faraxis is planning another expansion pack this year (fingers crossed they are). If thats the case then a lot of mods would have to be updated or at most remade from scratch. I still would love to see this grow in content once we know for sure, most likely June with E3 and PC showcases occuring:)
Dirigible Tomato May 8 @ 5:04am 
Really nice work.