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PD+HW Compatibility 2.0
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Mar 4 @ 5:57pm
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PD+HW Compatibility 2.0

This Mod is a compatibility mod for Planetary Diversity and The Hostile Worlds mod by Alpha Ash. Both Are really Great and All credit goes to Makers of those. I simply took the two and put them together.

I officially got permission to continue the Hostile Worlds mod from Alpha Ash (see link below) So this mod won't have to be abandoned. I already have a working update out and things seem to be going well. Tons of thanks to AlphaAsh, and hope everyone has fun playing this.

This Only edits the 00_habitability_traits and the 00_planetary_modifiers files so everything else should be ok. basically if it works with the other 2 it'll work with this.

Fully Updated and Working allows all features from both mods to work fine together.

Link to Hostile Worlds 2.0:
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bradevv  [author] Sep 16 @ 11:40am 
In the mean time Go to hostile worlds and use the planet events if you aren't in ironman mode.
bradevv  [author] Sep 16 @ 11:39am 
Hmmm. I'll have to take a Look at it i haven't done upkeep on this for a while. There's supposed to be an event that fires and changes the planet type to one from Hostile worlds, but all that's in the Hostile worlds mod. Litterally all this does is mod the habitability traits from PD.

You did get BOTH the required mods, right? Cause without Hostile Worlds this won't work.
xKBLx RangerClock (<) Sep 9 @ 7:30am 
This doesn't seem to work with my game. I got the follow-up survey, did the preperations, and they said the world should be completely colonizable, but despite having the new modifiers, the world remains a barren hunk of rock that I can't land on.

Just wanted to ask if anyone else was having this issue to make sure this wasn't just on my end. Is it possible PD going 2.1 broke this in some way?
bradevv  [author] Apr 28 @ 2:22pm 
Most likely?
Ender Apr 24 @ 5:49pm 
bradevv  [author] Mar 19 @ 8:00am 
@Joel Ovebeck I think so... If this is about compatibility I wouldn't use this with any other mods that effect planets other than the two it uses, But I run this with nearly a dozen other mods and have never had problems.
bradevv  [author] Mar 19 @ 7:58am 
@Liquid Maybe... It's designed to fix the planet habitability conflict nothing more. I think there was already a compatibility one for full Alphamod. I just don't play that way so I made this.
Joel Overbeck Mar 5 @ 10:00am 
By "00_planetary_modifiers" do you actually mean "common\planet_modifiers\00_planet_modifiers.txt"?
if just using Alphamod, is it usefull to use this with PD?