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[WOTC] Surgical SitRep Fix
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Mar 3 @ 4:36pm
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[WOTC] Surgical SitRep Fix

Fixes a bug with the "Surgical" SitRep (The one where you can only bring 3 Soldiers). The SitRep is supposed to reduce podsizes to 2. However in Vanilla this doesnt always work correctly, making missions with this SitRep sometimes nearly impossible to beat. This mod fixes that and only that.

Currently the mod is a "quick and dirty" fix with no config values and no support for other mods that want to tinker with podsizes via SitReps. Depending on feedback this can change ofcourse ;).

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Dragon32 Apr 18 @ 11:18am 
When a mission appears with the Surgical SitRep you can only bring 3 soldiers. The enemy count is supposed to be reduced so it's not impossible. The reduced enemy count doesn't always happen. This mod makes sure it does.
Inaire777 Apr 18 @ 6:50am 
Can you explain the bug a little more i dont know what this fixes? I haven't been playing xcom2 very long. I did just take out my first avator facility :/ was a pain I'm playing on a harder difficulity.
Cahos Rahne Veloza Mar 10 @ 2:43pm 
Just had my first "Cut Sitrep" mission which means the edit I did in the .ini file did work. And it worked mid campaign to boot as well :)
Cahos Rahne Veloza Mar 10 @ 4:46am 
Okay, I'll test them out :)

Again thanks for the assistance.
LeaderEnemyBoss  [author] Mar 10 @ 4:24am 
@Cahos you can try, but I dont know if they are fully implemented and not buggy (there is also a mod that adds them back in)
Cahos Rahne Veloza Mar 10 @ 3:51am 

Thanks, now to get rid of that annoying Low Profile Sitrep and exchange it with something better like the "Black Ops" one which I feel is the Devs attempt at acknowledging this neat Basegame mod:

Squad Concealment ---> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=623155292&searchtext=squad+conceal

Lastly, can I also add a few more of the cut Sitreps with this method? I'd also like to try the Ambush, Phalanx, Advanced and Acid Pools ones as they sound cool :)
LeaderEnemyBoss  [author] Mar 10 @ 3:24am 
@cahos yes you can, just copy the line over and remove the semicolon ;). Both files work exactly the same way, only difference is tha XComGameData is generated by the game and therefore stuff that is commented out via semicolon is missing.
Cahos Rahne Veloza Mar 10 @ 2:51am 

I found the entry Alex Nares noted on the my documents version of the XComGameData.ini but it doesn't contain the other Sitreps found on the install folder one and I don't know how I should edit it. On the .ini in the install folder Alex said to comment out the Sitreps you don't want (like Low Profile) by adding a semi-colon (;) in front of the Sitrep you don't want, so is that how I should also do it? Also the other Sitreps the devs took out aren't in the my documents folder version, so can I just add 'em in that way.
LeaderEnemyBoss  [author] Mar 9 @ 10:20pm 
@cahos yes, just use the XComGameData.ini instead
Cahos Rahne Veloza Mar 8 @ 4:08am 
@Alex Nares:

Isn't there any similar .ini settings file I can edit in the username\my documents config folder? I'm only asking because I kinda feel unsafe editing the file you mentioned found in the game's installation folder.