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You used them as EWRs, but surely you didn't think only XCOM could make use of those designs?


ADVENT Synthoids start appearing around Force Level 4. They upgrade to Advanced Synthoids aroudn Force Level 11, and Elite Synthoids start appearing around Force Level 17.

Their capabilities per tier are:

Starting - robotic Troopers that can jump up roofs, essentially. Not too big of a threat, but they do have armour that will be annoying to deal with depending on your squad loadout.

Advanced - Synthoids now come equipped with Synthetic Reflexes, their version of Lightning Reflexes. They can afford to be more aggressive. Armour is now three pips.

Elite - Synthoids at this tier come with upgraded jetpacks, letting them Launch to any parts of the battlefield as long as they have clearance. Armour is also now four pips.

They will launch upon being revealed.

The reward for successfully autopsying Synthois is +2 shield points to all vest items. Works as a permanent passive.

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Deadput 13 hours ago 
The drone voice lines could in theory be used for the Advent drone that comes with the Salarian enemy mod (Unless it specifies them to be Alien drones or something)
Circle of Psi Mar 22 @ 2:05am 
@Real: So, I've looked up a few things and it seems Shen has 2 more lines for a "Drone" and what seems to be something called: ACVs

I'm wondering if we can somehow bring them back too?
Circle of Psi Mar 22 @ 1:56am 
Ahh I see, cheers then Real, I was looking all over for the videos
RealityMachina  [author] Mar 21 @ 3:49pm 
Cut content.
Circle of Psi Mar 21 @ 6:00am 
I have to ask, where did Shen say such lines, before, was it a old XCOM 2 video or uncoverd files?
DigThat Mar 6 @ 9:31am 
I don't know if I've just had bad luck or if this is a mild compatibility issue, but I'm running this mod together with A Better Advent and A Better Campaign Plus, and I've seen exactly one Synthoid all campaign. Rapidly approaching the final mission.
Mildly Nuclear Feb 25 @ 3:56am 
Why yes I would like MOCX synthoids please and thank you.
rainy67 Feb 24 @ 7:46am 
How about you make it so that the MOCX MEC is actually a synthoid, as an optional component
Deadput Feb 23 @ 9:43am 
I agree with Jockey right now as great as these guys are they don't really look like part of the Alien's forces.

My own opinion of course but if someone was able to make them look a different that would help.
PATSpartan110 Feb 21 @ 7:55pm 
@RealityMachina can you message me im having an issue which i think is a coding issue that i cant seem to fix you seem to know the code well and i wanted to bounce the problem off you