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Cities: Skylines

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주체사상탑 Juche Tower North Korea
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Feb 10 @ 10:04pm
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주체사상탑 Juche Tower North Korea

주체사상탑 Juche Tower North Korea

주체사상탑 Juche Tower

This asset means a Juche Tower for real. This tower is a one of top famous landmarks in Kim il sung square, Pyongyang, North Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Communism, Kim's kingdom, Jong un, russia, china, japan, america, un, 북한, 北韓.

Tris : about 10K, 1.5K
Texture size : 1024x1024, 128x128
Level 3 Unique Building, 12x12 pixels, height 170 miters
LOD Ready
Illumination Ready

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Marxisbae Jun 9 @ 8:23pm 
love the asset but juche is not nor never has been, communism
Shim5719 May 23 @ 1:23am 
이게 그 위대하신 수령 동지의 문물인가요
I love this! thank you! :D despite.. the rep. There is beautiful architecture there.
!Teinpro! Feb 25 @ 11:22pm 
There's a lot of new work these days.:chirp:
Put em in a pair of shorts Feb 17 @ 8:48am 
@Dr. King Schultz North Korea is as "communist" as the United States. Read: it isn't communist.
Mori_YTP Feb 16 @ 6:12pm 
Thanks, I've been waiting for this.
TAEMIN B  [author] Feb 14 @ 3:47pm 
@Dr. King Schultz
Do not serious. It's just an asset and somebody will want to get it. if you want to talk about north korea, in other place. thanks.
Dr. King Schultz Feb 14 @ 8:28am 
Go try playing this game in North Korea. Oh wait, you can't, because they're a disgusting commie dictatorship with a bloodlust. Goddamn commies.
vic.foras Feb 12 @ 6:37pm