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Core Room Slots
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Core Room Slots

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RealityMachina's War of the Chosen Mods
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Adds staffing slots to various parts of the Avenger, available from the start in some way.

Currently adds:

Two engineer slots to Research. Engineers in these slots will provide +2 power to the Avenger's power systems.
(You may need to resort to using the keyboard to successfully slot an engineer in.)

Four soldier slots to the Bar. Soldiers slotted in here will gain 50% faster will recovery.

Two soldier pair slots to the Living Quarters. These allow any pair of unbonded soldiers to form a bond ala the training center, but from unbonded to level 1 bonds. This takes 3 days on non-Legend difficulties, 6 days on Legend.

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Sir Luis Aug 12 @ 5:10pm 
also if you do by some chance [miracle]you add in my suggustions.

can you also make it so the bar can be upgraded? but maybe it cost 10 power in upkeep for balancing purposes

the effect of the bar being upgraded is to allow 4 more slots for soldiers to recover will.

have you ever notice when your in the bar they bring up the advent burger stories alot?

what if you could put soldier in a slot that would be called barbeque chef and it would act like a job that takes 10 days for +1 Health?
Sir Luis Aug 12 @ 11:59am 
hey reality machina i got alot of ideas for your mod.I dont want to overwhelm you with ideas so we will start nice and small.

i dont think its over powered at all and is fair with the current covert operation mission timers and it even makes sense.

So starting with the bar.

what if in order for your guys that are shaken up and recovering their will at your bar you need to have a bartender present?

When the bartender is present he gains +3 will every 10 days thats he is serving as a bartender????

what if in the bar you could have bonded soldiers gain cohesion maybe two slots for this?

would make sense thats soldiers that are bonded would go out for drinks together and it would increase their bond but not level them up you would still need to go to the training center.

also about the training center....
what about if you have slot or 2 that every 10 days the soldier aim are increased by +2?
ATF_Coldblooded Carebear || Jun 26 @ 10:38pm 
@ArtticJack have you tried to remove the infirmary then rebuild it??
ArcticJack Jun 26 @ 10:20pm 
I accidentally double staffed a soldier in the bar, and removing a negative trait in the infirmary. I could still move the soldier where I wanted in after the trait was moved, but theyre slotted in the infirmary, and I can't swap them out to remove anyone else's negative traits.
Drifty Flintlock Jun 10 @ 6:10am 
I may have solved my own problem. There appears to be a compatibility problem with, of all things, Scaling Volatile Mix. I have no earthly idea why but it seems to be consistent.

Oh well. I'd rather have this mod.
Drifty Flintlock Jun 9 @ 8:00pm 
Is there any trick to getting the slots to show up? In a test game, they were all there immediately after the first mission. I can still load that save and the slots work fine. In a couple subsequent "real" first missions, the slots just don't exist once I get back to the ship. The mod list is exactly the same in both cases.

The only thing I can figure is that maybe it's related to the difficulty somehow? My scratch game was on Rookie and my others were on Commander.
ATF_Coldblooded Carebear || May 28 @ 11:22pm 
I also have a rather large Roster of soldiers and while using the LW2 class and perks, i like to bond 2 perticular class with one a other for great sinergy ( Sniper with Shinobi) witch also are "sisters" for exemple problem being that when i try to have their bond increase it's a rather pain to look for them if they are even on list witch in some case aren't... so would it be possible that instead of 2 pair slots we could get the 2x one person slot (or better 4x one slot 1-2 3-4 pairing) like the cover ops bonding training mission. that would cut off the computing all possible pairing that the game have to do everytime you try to use the living quarter pairing..
PatientLandBeaver May 28 @ 10:53pm 
As stated by others, crashes whenever assigning anyone in the living quarters. I currently only have 6 unbonded soldiers. Also NOT using Highlander.
UmbraSang May 10 @ 10:08pm 
@dafyddnz I have the same issue
dafyddnz Apr 27 @ 3:49am 
Hi, not sure if this is related to your mod in particular, but I have a soldier in the negative trait recovery slot in the infirmary, and I can't remove him. I have noticed that I can sometimes add a soldier in bond upgrading to the bar, and if I remove him from the bar he appears as available even if the bond training is incomplete. I may have done the same thing to the trait recovery guy, which may be why he is stuck there now.