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Nagoya Train Station
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Jan 25 @ 11:03am
Feb 1 @ 10:51am
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Nagoya Train Station

This is a remake of my old "Nagoya" style station. This version is larger and has a bit more detail then the previous version.

This asset comes in 3 parts:
>"Nagoya Station" This is the main building and includes 4 Metro platforms (2 at 12m and 2 at 24m)
>"Nagoya Platform Module" This is the platform module and you can connect as many of these as you like.
>"Nagoya Rear Module" This is the rear module so put this at the end. This module includes a platform for trains

Make sure you place this station on flat land since uneven terrain may interfere with the module placement.

NOTE* Due to the complexity of this asset I will be monitoring it for issues (none have cropped up so far) and I may make changes and/or adjustments as necessary.

> Fixed the Track on the first platform. It will now properly connect to train tracks.
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水木 Aug 5 @ 8:51am 
Still problem with the first platform :/
Can't connect train, I can however use that track for trains, but not stop.
Tryed to use Touch mods, but it wont work
Flux Mar 17 @ 4:07am 
please fix main station track (first platform):steamsad:
whitecanvas Mar 12 @ 1:45pm 
first module asset error
Flux Feb 13 @ 5:29am 
first module still not work..
lalawater Feb 2 @ 10:47pm 
wow this is wonderful!
ryanmcchan Jan 29 @ 8:31pm 
not sure why but the tracks in the first module (Nagoya station module) do not work and snap to the vanilla rails (currently using road anarchy).

Also, metro and train functionality is near 0, not sure if it is a problem with the enormous size of the station, or just that the spawn points do not connect with the tracks itself. However, the other modules function normally, if not better than the old asset. Thank you for the update!
AmiPolizeiFunk Jan 29 @ 10:32am 
a pic of each part separated (maybe from the asset editor) would be helpful. dozens of night photos don't really help me see what I will get
EternalOrganist Jan 28 @ 5:44pm 
will you ever do union station?
SonOfNitrous Jan 26 @ 1:04pm 
no RICO multifunction?
Damo Jan 25 @ 10:33pm