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Misclick Confirm WOTC
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May 26 @ 2:13pm
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Misclick Confirm WOTC

This mod adds a confirmation pop up whenever you order a soldier to move somewhere without cover, to prevent accidental misclicking ending your Ironman campaign.

The pop up is only shown under these circumstances:

- The move order ends out in the open and not in cover.
- The move order ends outside the evac zone.
- There are ranged enemies visible to the currently selected unit.
- The selected unit can use cover (for example a human soldier and not a Spark)

This version of the mod only works in WOTC. There's a vanilla version here:


- The mod no longer overrides XComTacticalInput, so should be compatible with mods which change camera behavior
- However, it now overrides XComTacticalController, so is not compatible with any mod that overrides that class (I'm only aware of one, robojumper's Unit Selection Order mod)

This is my first mod, so if you find bugs (sorry!) or if you have suggestions for how to improve it, please let me know in the comments!

Thanks to BlueRaja (the Confirm Free Reload mod was a useful example) and to robojumper for help on the forums.


- French translation added thanks to lexo1000
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MonzUn Jun 29 @ 2:48am 
Neat mod!
I have a suggestion:
Add confirmation when using melee against explosive containers.
Just lost a run to rend targeting a canister instead of the guy beside it >.>
Sparkyhobo Jun 13 @ 7:54pm 
@SunRunner yes, if you alt+f4 and then reload the game it only saves at that turn start, before you moved any units.
SunRunner Apr 17 @ 2:50am 
You can Savescum in Ironman?!
Jormundgand Mar 25 @ 11:49am 
Missclicking is the main reason I'm savescumming my ironman campaigns.
MICHAELMX Mar 14 @ 1:25pm 
Simple but my soldiers are grateful for this. thanks for this mod! :emofdr:
Tarzan Feb 27 @ 10:58am 
What a simply genious idea! Thanks :)
Gaudium Feb 20 @ 6:47am 
I found out, how exactly it works and that there was a problem with the mods i was using.
Unsubbing, deleting log and config files in my documents then resubbing fixed my problem.
Thank you! :)
michiakig  [author] Feb 20 @ 4:29am 
@Gaudium sorry to hear that. do you have other mods installed? there's a conflict with XComTacticalController and there's at least one other mods which override this
Gaudium Feb 19 @ 11:53pm 
Doesn't work for me for some reason..oh well..
Charles Graham Feb 19 @ 10:00am 
thank you, very good mod!