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New MegaStructure: Mega Shipyard (2.0)
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New MegaStructure: Mega Shipyard (2.0)

About that mod >
The Mega Shipyard is a new MegaStructure which allow the player to build new Navy Armadas at an amazing speed. For a cost of 50000 minerals, 400 influence and an upkeep 100 energy, 50 minerals and 1 influence.The time to build that MegaStructure is rather quick, only 3 months. And you can only have 1 in your territory.
To unlock it you will of course need the Galactic Wonder Ascenscion perk.

What are the advantages
Without talking about his ability to build navy ships very quickly the Mega Shipyard will offer to his owner 3 amazings bonus which are:
- 125 Engineering Research per month.
- An amazing boost of 750 in the Navy Capacity.
- The engineers of that shipyard also managed to create a new module reducing the upkeep of all your ships by 50%.

How does it works?
The Mega Shipyard can only be built once, on a system where you have a starport with a least one simple shipyard, when the MegaShipyard is ready you must go to the starport of the same system and build the special module making the link with the mega structure, the cost for that module is very cheap and you can only have one. And once the module is ready the starbase in the same system than the Mega Shipyard will have the following advantages:
. +30 Shipyard Capacity
. +300% Ship Build Speed
. -33% Ship Build Cost
. -50% Upkeep for every ship in the system.

Once you have a megashipyard, I recommend you to destroy all your other normal shipyards in order to have only one starbase building ship like Kuat in Starwars, and the others focus on defense. Be also careful to build the MegaShipyard in a strategic position where you are sure not to lose it easily against your rivals.

Can the AI use it?
- AI built Megastructures very rarely and is kinda dumb with Events Menu so for now I turned it off for them.

Mod Compability
- Every sort of ship mod or design, anything can be built.

More Informations
- That mod should be compatible with multiplayer.
- Mod compatible with old saves.
- No files were replaced so that mod should be compatible with anything.
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CaptainKampfkeks Jul 8 @ 4:11am 
Could you provide a better one, then? The auther already stated somewhere that he is no artist.
Berettakyo Jul 7 @ 8:16pm 
the model is just too simple
jasonft Jul 4 @ 4:06pm 
Figured out what I did wrong. The Uplink had not yet activated, so that is why my ship upgrades were so slow. My bad.

Still a wee bit on the slow side, but the slowness is managable if you split the 500 k monster fleets into about eight chunks each when you decide to upgrade. Fleet Manager might glitch a little but doesn't it always?
Lead Butter Jun 30 @ 2:39pm 
Meanwhile at Corellia... The Corellian Engineering Corporation is rebuilding its orbital facilities after the Sith destroyed the shipyards.
CaptainKampfkeks Jun 26 @ 7:29am 
You'll recieve that warning for every new version. In most cases that only means the version numbers differ, so the launcher gives the warning. Most mods still function, though it depends on the things the patch changed and what each mod does.
This one, however, should work.
Keractagon Jun 25 @ 7:51pm 
are you going to updtae this? Stellaris is warning me its outdated with the new 2.1 :O
DrBLOOD  [author] Jun 24 @ 11:59pm 
Split your fleets and upgrate them separately.
jasonft Jun 24 @ 11:27pm 
Is there anything that can be done about ship upgrade speeds?

Fleets that large can take an awful long time to upgrade to a new tech or five.
General Agave Jun 24 @ 8:25am 
I was wondering if its possible if you could increase the limit of having 1 to 5 or unlimited. Is there a script in the file that i could chnage if needed
DrBLOOD  [author] Jun 24 @ 5:35am 
Yeah I'm sorry about that suddent new change, but it was the only stable solution in order to make it compatible with every mods without hard coding.