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Mega Ringworld Blackhole X
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Mega Ringworld Blackhole X

Another request mod, this one adds 3 unique blackhole 12 world ringworld systems with fallen empire buildings, all megastructures, the Infinity Machine, multiple guardians, all strategic resources, and an Enclave.

  • MRBX Ring Finished: Start the game inhabitating all 12 ringworlds orbiting a blackhole with a 12 ringworld system with fallen empire buildings, all megastructures completed in the same system. The Infinity Machine , Guardians, & Enclave also starts in this system.
  • MRBX Ring Ruins: Start the game inhabitating a planet orbiting a blackhole with a 12 ringworld system with all megastructures ruined in the same system. The Infinity Machine & Enclave also starts in this system.
  • MRBX Ring Unfinished: Start the game inhabitating a ringworld under construction orbiting a blackhole with fallen empire buildings, all megastructures partially completed in the same system. The Infinity Machine & Enclave also starts in this system.
  • Guardians of the Ring Event: Your system is patrolled by the Guardians of the Ring. After unlocking the right tech, they will contact you to give you a gift. YOU CAN ONLY CHOOSE ONE!

  • Built for 2.0.*
  • Utopia DLC is required.
  • Leviathans DLC is required.
  • Localisation available for all languages, but text is in English.
  • Overwrites Infinity Machine code.

Proposed Future Features:
  • Actual ruined ringworld pieces for Ring Ruins
  • Partially constructed pieces for Ring Unfinished
  • Horizon Signal Buildings
  • Habitats and size 25 habitat?
  • Infinity Machine Event
  • Individually constructed pieces for Unfinished ring.
  • More Ringworlds!

Note from Author: This mod was made at the request of @outomaton/オートマトン . As the requester I try to align the mod the his vision. With every iteration the mod becomes more OP. Let me know if you have any issues.
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cbshing  [author] Jul 4 @ 8:28am 
@no, hmm, that is definitely a bug. Let me look into that!
no Jul 3 @ 7:54pm 
thank you for the consideration. Also this bothered me for a while until i figured it out: when your mod is enabled, if i dont use one of your starting systems, the infinity machine will not spawn.
cbshing  [author] Jul 3 @ 7:09pm 
@Thranduil, thanks!

@no, no promises, but I can give it a try. I have two mod updates I’m working on first, one a new mod to replace presapient traits and unlock more vanilla traits and two an update to Origins Civics. When I clear at least one of them i can try to make it:
no Jul 3 @ 10:39am 
uh, this might be asking for a lot but could u code a lite version with only a ringworld and the leviathans?
Thranduil Jun 9 @ 4:00am 
Just wanna say dude this is such a unqiue and fun idea for a mod, this mod made my day thanks you for all the time and effort you put into it for our enjoyment:)
outomaton/オートマトン  [author] May 18 @ 2:32am 
understood. I To see again
cbshing  [author] May 16 @ 4:53pm 
@shin.lifariz, I'll add this to the next update. I replaced the entire Infinity Machine event and will upload that code soon.

@xnadu27, not quite sure why that happened. It's one of the last 3 buildings to be placed and its created via an event. It could be some tile interference (requires no existing building or blocker on that tile).

@outomaton/オートマトン , I'm not sure what can be a conflict either. Give it a try after this update where the Infinity Machine code has been replaced.
outomaton/オートマトン  [author] May 15 @ 8:08pm 
bug fix
when infinity machine event enters the black hole & change name Pantagruel, not change name& black hole not change size & spwan resouces.
whoever, i use other mods & I do not know how to reproduce this event...
xnadu27 Apr 22 @ 11:57am 
Omega Alignment didn’t spawn on homeworld? Is it supposed to be random, because I cannot build it either.
shin.lifariz Apr 11 @ 5:16pm 
Err, just replacing the

limit = is_a_star


limit = { is_planet_class = pc_black_hole}

and setting the planet size change to a real number instead of -30 (I recommend 5 to 7) on the Pantagruel option is enough to fix the Pantagruel event. I know, I fixed it myself.

Disclaimer: Ruined Ringworld is considered a station for some reason, blocking access to the blackhole for a research station.