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Mega Ringworld Blackhole X
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Feb 21 @ 8:29pm
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Mega Ringworld Blackhole X

Another request mod, this one adds 3 unique blackhole 12 world ringworld systems with fallen empire buildings, all megastructures and the Infinity Machine.

  • MRBX Ring Finished: Start the game inhabitating all 12 ringworlds orbiting a blackhole with a 12 ringworld system with fallen empire buildings, all megastructures completed in the same system. The Infinity Machine also starts in this system.
  • MRBX Ring Ruins: Start the game inhabitating a planet orbiting a blackhole with a 12 ringworld system with all megastructures ruined in the same system. The Infinity Machine also starts in this system.
  • MRBX Ring Unfinished: Start the game inhabitating 6 ringworlds orbiting a blackhole with a 12 ringworld system with with fallen empire buildings, all megastructures partially completed in the same system. The Infinity Machine also starts in this system.

  • Built for 1.9.1 Boulle
  • Utopia DLC is required.
  • Leviathans DLC is required.
  • Localisation available for all languages, but text is in English.

Proposed Future Features:
  • Actual ruined ringworld pieces for Ring Ruins
  • Partially constructed pieces for Ring Unfinished
  • Horizon Signal Buildings
  • Habitats and size 25 habitat?
  • Infinity Machine Event

Note from Author: This mod was made at the request of @outomaton/オートマトン . It took me about 8 hours to make to include all of the features I wanted (own every ringworld, have megastructures at different states - there's still some bug with the graphical culture). Unfortunately I didn't add the Dyson Sphere in the same system since it ruined the black hole effect. I figured out a way to add the Dyson Sphere into the same system. And I kind of ran out of steam with the start message. Maybe I'll make another mod where all the megastructures are in the same system later. I think this mod would be fun for a one system challenge (since you have 12 uber planets). I'm clearing up my mod request/fixes queue, so a few more updates and changes and I'll go back to event writing for The Preserve Start and Tomb World Start Systems. Have fun!
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cbshing  [author] Mar 6 @ 7:20am 
@NoRudeLaw, when I figure out how to get the mod working again I think it should not be too hard to implement a nebula start. If it’s just a ringworld mod (four segment) I could probably do it as a stand-alone mod. If it’s to add all of the other features (all megastructures, creatures, deposits) it’s where I am delayed on. Also, due to some family emergency I don’t think I can mod for a week so thanks in advance for understanding!
NoRudeLaw Mar 6 @ 12:54am 

Hey man, still love the mod. Having to use a dumbed down version (most things disabled except solar system initializers), since 2.0.* broke the mod.

When you get around to updating the mod, any chance you could also add a forced start inside a nebula? If its even possible, I mean. 2.0.* made nebulae pretty nice, and being able to have your capital completely hidden inside one is a pretty powerful strategic advantage.

No rush though, obviously.
cbshing  [author] Feb 26 @ 6:48pm 
@Gamecub3d, I worry it might take me at least a week, probably 2. The mod has a lot of features that were custom scripted, so I need to figure out what is wrong and remake those portions.
Gamecub3d Feb 26 @ 6:26pm 
@cbshing, I'm fine with waiting. Any idea when you think it will be done? Take as long as you like/need, no pressure :)
cbshing  [author] Feb 26 @ 4:36pm 
Hi Gamecub3d, this mod is going to take me a while to update. There was a lot of custom scripting in it so unfortunatelyI will have to rewrite some portions from the start.
Gamecub3d Feb 26 @ 11:46am 
@cbshing, when do you plan to update to 2.0? The mod is currently extremely broken because when I click on 'new game' with no other mods enabled, stellaris insta-crashes.
cbshing  [author] Feb 5 @ 4:25pm 
@Liquidfire, I understand. I'm not sure how easy or hard it would be, but there are a few more iterations of things I'm working on so it'd be done sometime in the future. Maybe by 2.0 I could just add a wormhole or a gate into the system.
Ah, I meant the mod that's already out there. But if you could include it in a future time :) keep up the good work
cbshing  [author] Feb 5 @ 4:22pm 
@Liquidfire, it can be something I can look into, but it'd be after 2.0 comes out. I'm trying to clean up many of the existing bugs in my mods right now and finish up some of the mod requests.
can you combine this with black hole wormtravel?