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Christmas Village Building Theme
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Dec 5, 2017 @ 10:35am
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Christmas Village Building Theme

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Christmas Village Collection
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A slim and trim Christmas building theme put together from assorted historic buildings and sets.

Requires the Building Themes by District Mod (updated for Green Cities - does not require DLC). You can subscribe in one click to all Christmas Village save game items, right above ^^ at the Christmas Village Collection.

This item is a style for your entire city, is all set up for you and ready to go, and once you activate it and Building Themes by District Mod on your Content Manager mods tab, it will show up on the Building Themes by District Mod's list of built in themes

The parent mod of this theme allows very detailed, specific control of what will and will not be allowed to spawn in your city. You can always add more buildings to this theme or take out ones you don't like in the Building Theme Mod's interface which is on the Policies menu. Any of those changes you make to this theme will be saved to your local settings of the mod. It's a great mod!


Residential Low - Levels 1-3 are vanilla houses, levels 4 and 5 are the Christmas-decorated Chalets *only*. That means that once a house reaches level 4, from then on it can only be a Christmas Chalet and so will the house that replaces it when it goes up to level 5.. One or two sizes, for example 1x1 lot, have no assigned building. A 1x1 spot of low residential will therefore remain empty

Residential High - Levels 1-3 are Half Timbered / Fachwerk houses by Titan. Levels 4 and 5 do not exist for that building pack, so there are no levels 4 and 5 allowed and thus will not spawn, otherwise your Titan Fachwerk houses would be upgraded to normal highrises. If you'd like your high res buildings to upgrade to 4 and 5, you can definitely add that in! There is a "building clone" option in Building Themes by District mod where you can clone a Titan building and make it be level 4 or 5. Or you may of course add in levels 4 and 5 of whatever buildings you happen to find on the workshop that you like. Just use the Building Themes mod's GUI panel on the policies menu. A nice recommendation would be residential levels 4 and 5 of Titan's Baroque buildings

Commercial Low - all are level 1 - the quaint UK pubs and just a few select vanilla level 1s. You might want to add more here if you choose. Just be aware that if you add in levels 2 and 3, your corner pubs will be spawned over because they are all level 1. I've hand placed some level 2 and 3's of the nicest vanilla buildings using Find It. This theme will not force them to demolish and be replaced by a level 1 allowed building... another nice feature.

Commercial High - All levels 1-3 Half Timbered / Fachwerk Commercial Buildings by Titan

Industrial - All industrial and specialized industrial buildings are activated (If you choose to use this theme on a European environment, meaning with the default European block buildings, be sure to add in all the European style industrials into this theme on the Building Themes mod's GUI panel on the policies menu. European environment also has its own, different industrial buildings. Otherwise nothing will spawn in industrial)

Office - All levels 1-3 are Half Timbered / Fachwerk Office Buildings by Titan


All buildings screened using Mesh Info. Categories not necessary to be customized (for example, all industrial categories) as well as the lower level of low density residential are default buildings. This saves a lot, too. If my computer can run it, yours probably can too! Performance tip: always disable or unsubscribe to any items you're not using in your current city save. Make yourself personal collections to keep track.

Want more houses that look great in this city? North American Christmas villages were planned but could not be included in the end, so I happily recommend
- East Coast Housing (Canadian Atlantic and the New England coast)
- Suburbia, USA by DethKwok, cute Colonials (Northeast, Upper Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states)
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MrMiyagi  [author] Nov 8 @ 12:26pm 
Ooo. Ehh. It's been so long since I used Network Skins that I don't remember at all. It's done in Network Skins user interface, so best bet is to find a youtube tutorial on Network Skins or check out its page. The same thing I would have to do :D
Detail Nov 8 @ 7:41am 
Mr Myagi I've been trying to remove the existing street lights on a section of raoad and replace them with your custom assets. I just have not been able to figure it out? searched several data bases, and I do have network skins and other mod's. How do I do this? TY
MrMiyagi  [author] Sep 13 @ 7:56am 
Hi rpovio, that's actually down to some of the things that themes , regular roads, and custom roads do.It's not controlled by anything I've produced for this city. It's a bit annoying and I don't know how it works, and the problem is that half the other creators out there don't know how it works, either :D. I live with it by imagining some streets are better plowed than others :/ The color difference is so ugly in regular environments, though, that I often just delete the custom road or change the map theme to one that has no custom road textures.
Detail Sep 9 @ 7:06am 
MrMiyagi great map having so much fun with it. This morning the road texture changed, I have no reason for it and have checked everything and nothing obvious. I did download some other elements of your collection this morning, Roads are now black with snow vrs Gray with snow. I hope this SS shows the issue and you have a quick recommendation. Can't go further than this now until I can get the road color consistent. TY
MrMiyagi  [author] Mar 4 @ 11:56am 
Hi Vtskier, there's a map, and you can also have that save game. It was a special Christmas project, sort of like a Christmas train set. The save game has absolute minimum mods so that almost anyone can run it, and there's lots of room to continue building if you want to.

* Here's a short cinematic video of the city save game:
* The save game itself -
* The one-click collection for the save game
* And here's the plain map.

Vtskier Mar 4 @ 11:34am 
What map were the screenshots taken on?
MrMiyagi  [author] Jan 19 @ 2:59am 
@jewelofbeauty, he won't answer here because he won't even get the notification that you posted here... he hasn't accepted the contributor invite. The most I know is that he was really busy, but anyway the best place to post is on the mod Network Skins
jewelofbeauty Jan 18 @ 11:43pm 
@boformer do you think you could make your Network Skins mod compatible with the No Pillars mod by Bloodypenguin?