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Cemetery Pack
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Dec 3, 2017 @ 10:07am
Dec 3, 2017 @ 10:47am
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Cemetery Pack

In 1 collection by BachToBaroque
BTB Service Buildings
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Create a more 'believable' looking cemetery / graveyard with this pack, which includes all the basic stuff you'll need. Complement this with amazing workshop items from other creators, such as decals, paths, trees, churches, statues, more wall prop varieties, etc. really anything you want.

These assets are pretty straight foward but have a look at the screenshots for the building stats.

Here are some extra things to note:
- You'll need the Beautification Mod to access/places the props (walls & graves). Props can be found under Residential Tab in Beatification Mod Panel. The props are terrain conforming.
- Parks and Mausoleums can be found in Parks> Plazas Tab. They have no requirements.
- The Funeral Hall can be found in Unique Building Tab III.
- I highly recommend getting these Mods MoveIt!, Remove Decoration Sprites, No Seagulls.
- FindIt! Users, just type BTB when searching.

As usual, all my screenshots are taken with Shift+F12, Daylight Classic, Custom LUT, and default Temperate Theme.

Model Stats (Tris/LOD, Texture/LOD):
Funeral Hall - 1802 / 280 | d,n,s,i 1024^2 / d,i 128^2 Crematorium - 684 / 100 | d,n,s,i 1024x512 / d,i 256^2 Body Collector - 686 / 80 | d,n,s,i 1024x512 / d,i 256^2 Mausoleum1 - 464 / 36 | d,n,s,i 512^2 / d,i 128^2 Mausoleum2 - 382 / 80 | same as above Mausoleum3 - 456 / 102 | same as above Grieve1 - 336 / 64 | d,n,s,i 512x256 / d,i 256x128 Grieve2 - 194 / 50 | same as above Grave1 - 150 / 40 | d 256x128 / d 128x64 Grave2 - 166 / 90 | same as above Grave3 - 165 / 58 | same as above Grave4 - 234 / 18 | same as above Wall 8m & Endcap - 10 / 10 | d 256x128 / d 64x32 Wall 24m - 22 / 22 | same as above

I'm pretty sure I uploaded & updated all 15 files correctly, but If this pack gives you errors(such as missing props or duplicate assets) please let me know thank you.
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philkewley Jun 18 @ 8:48am 
thank you for an awesome collection - 100% fulfills the 'assets' definition. If you still don't have parklife I'd like to gift it to you, if that's possible
BachToBaroque  [author] Jun 9 @ 6:25am 
@Darkangel: The weeping zones & mausoleums are dummy 'parks' for decoration purposes, preferably away from roads/paths, and it has no set values otherwise the "multiple problems" icon will start popping up. Again I dont have the DLC which means i can't make test/tweaks sorry.
Darkangel Jun 9 @ 4:04am 
No it doesnt snap on parklife foopaths. Ergo, cant you make it snap on pls?
The grave weeping zone etc just plops anywhere, its not even a park even though it says its a park and you havent made it have any entertainment value at all nor have you made it into healthcare for death services which at least would help with increasing land value for buildings to level up.
What is the weeping zones for just the same as the abandoned farmhouse and warehouse?
Do they even help connect power lines with the Tesla power home joinings?
The body collector and funeral hall and crematorium at least have health benefits but the grieving areas dont even have park value; they are just sad if you'll pardon the pun.
BachToBaroque  [author] Jun 8 @ 6:07pm 
@Darkangel: Hmm I'm not sure but I think the latest free update makes all parks snappable on footpaths? Sorry I dont have the parklife dlc so i cant confirm.
Darkangel Jun 8 @ 5:04am 
will this now snap on to parklife footpaths??? Since they dont click on roads??? I think they were buggy last patch making some things black like vehicles etc.
Ilion Apr 4 @ 6:16am 
You could place one or more copies of the "Points of Interest" park ( ) -- you'd need to use an Anarchy Mod to place "on top" of an already-placed asset.
HLS Apr 4 @ 6:12am 
How to bring visitors to the cemetery? Any additional mod or something else? Thanks
220hertz Mar 21 @ 8:37pm 
This is excellent. I wanted to do something similar, but this is above and beyond the prop pack I would have made.
Mamma Mia Mar 20 @ 7:02pm 
TThat is really nice!!!!
BaDBoY Mar 12 @ 8:19pm 
Bro uptade pls.more funeral car