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Buildable Spaceborne Aliens
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Dec 2, 2017 @ 1:48am
Jun 9 @ 9:08pm
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Buildable Spaceborne Aliens

This mod gives you an opportunity to create the spaceborne aliens throughout the galaxy:
- Space Amoeba
- Space Whale Tiyanki
- Void Cloud
- Ancient Mining Drone
- Crystalline Entity
- Pirates
- Nomads
- Fallen Empire Ship
- Swarm Ship
- Extra dimensional Ship
- AI Ship
- Nanite Ships
- Guardians

More information can be found in the description below.

Credits to Princess Stabbity and Twink315 for their Fallen Empire ship colour.

- Nanite ships added
- New Guardians
- Nomad Ship resized and reworked

Of course any suggestion is appreciated.

Currently my thought about the ship release in future are in follow:
- Event Ships
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Sep 7 @ 8:36pm
Zeratul Vergil
Mar 21 @ 7:33am
Buildable Guardians
Zeratul Vergil
Dec 2, 2017 @ 3:22am
Zeratul Vergil
< >
Prof. Strix the Educated Nov 9 @ 2:47pm 
Zeratul Vergil  [author] Nov 9 @ 2:46pm 
That's certainly out of my league, perhaps sometimes I've get the idea of how to do it.

@Kevlar Chicken
Generally other mods like NSC, ISB, RS etc. also suffer this problem, the namelist is just too less.

I would against do it, perhaps the game will continue go safe after dissable the mod, or perhaps not.

@Prof. Strix the Educated
Prof. Strix the Educated Nov 9 @ 11:07am 
soo, uuuh
what's the tech debug name for the prethoryn ship designs?
i kiiiiiinda want to play as a hivemind that doesn't use regular ships
Xeliath Oct 18 @ 9:42am 
If I use this, then uninstall it later, can I still use the gamesave?
Kevlar Chicken Oct 6 @ 1:05pm 
great mod but when you use a human name list the new ships auto generated versions are not removable because they dont have a name tested with reptile 3 and human (ca) human (une)
Dwamak! Sep 16 @ 10:32am 
Is there a possibility that a mod menu could be added that allows you to disable certain techs? I use Zenith of The Fallen Empires, so the Fallen Empire ship tech is something I'd rather not have.
Jester Orion Sep 13 @ 9:30pm 
Could we get a version with just the Guardians? No offense but the space creatures clutter up the ship design list and build list too much for my tastes.
eyeofthebeholdr Sep 7 @ 10:59pm 
Finally I got the tech!!!! Awsome mod!!!:steamhappy::steamhappy::steamhappy:
Zeratul Vergil  [author] Sep 6 @ 3:48pm 
most minor space creatures can obtained once you researched their own technology, i.e. research amoeba fangilia allows the creation of space amorba ships.

Major tech can obtain once battleship tech has researched
eyeofthebeholdr Sep 6 @ 10:22am 
This mod looks awsome, but how long do I have to play before I get to train space creatures! I played for several in game years and still got nothing! Can you give me a time line maby?:steamhappy: