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Stellar Resources
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Nov 15, 2017 @ 7:26pm
Feb 26 @ 2:49pm
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Stellar Resources


Currently adds 19 new resources and 2 new planet types to the game.

You can find detailed information and descriptions on all of the resources in the discussion tab (Research requirements and prerequisites, rarity, planet types, and other notes.

Tachyonic Particles
FTL Speed: +25%
Jump Chage Time: -15%

Green Tiberium
6 minerals, Empire Minerals Production: +5%

Blue Tiberium
8 minerals, Empire Minerals Production: +10%

Liquid Tiberium
12 energy, Empire Energy Production: +10%

1 Mineral, Empire Minerals Production +1%, Building Cost -5%, Building Build Speed +10%

1 Mineral, Empire Minerals Production +1%, Building Cost -5%, Building Build Speed +10%

1 Mineral, Empire Minerals Production +1%, Building Cost -5%, Building Build Speed +10%

2 Energy, Empire Energy Generation +1%

Empire Minerals Production +1%, Leader Lifespan +5

Empire Minerals Production +1%, Kinetic Weapon Damage +5%

4 Energy, Empire Energy Generation +2%, Energy Weapon Damage +5%

3 Minerals, Empire Minerals Production +1%, Building Cost -5%, Building Build Speed +10%

Empire Minerals Production +1%, Citizen Pop Happiness +2%

6 Energy, Empire Energy Generation +3%

4 Minerals, Empire Minerals Production +1%, Building Cost -5%, Building Build Speed +10%

Empire Minerals Production +1%, Citizen Pop Happiness +3%

Empire Minerals Production +1%, Armor +10%

8 Energy, Empire Energy Generation +4%

10 Energy, Empire Energy Generation +5%


New planet types:

Tiberium World
A world that has been entirely consumed by Tiberium, it is completely inhospitable and hostile to all non-tiberium based life-forms. The vast mineral wealth of this world may be exploited with the proper technology.
  • Notes: A rare, uncolonizable planet type that will always have some form of Tiberium resource.

Dwarf Planet
Dwarf planets have just enough mass to pull themselves into a spheroidal shape, yet large and light enough to make them ideal for mining.
  • Notes: An uncommon, uncolonizable planet type that is only found in asteroid belts. They are three times as likely to carry any resource from the Intra-system Mining / Planetoid Mining line of technology.



Should be compatible with everything short of total conversion mods. No vanilla files are modifies. New planet types work fine with mods like Real Space and Planetary Diversity.

I would also highly recommend checking out ExOverhaul: Planets Enhanced If you want even more strategic resources!


Be sure to check out my other mods!
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HEWOLF May 22 @ 8:28am 
I have noticed a couple things about this mod.

1. although it shows you the resource boosts for the minerals, it doesnt for the energy.

2. and is the boosts stackable? IE if I have 2 of a resource that gives 1% boost will I get 2% for that?
jason7881 May 5 @ 8:57am 
Not sure if anyone has suggested this but I just had an idea.
Replace bartharian and batharian power plants with Tiberium and Tib plants. Just a name and maybe a picture change. Just to feel like we can harvest Tiberium.
Also idk if you can but maybe add tile blockers. Like Tib fields and red zones
Baleur Apr 30 @ 10:21pm 
This seems AMAZING!! Must try
Audie  [author] Apr 26 @ 11:38pm 
Yeah, work has just been crazy lately.
saganmaineiac Apr 25 @ 12:28pm 
Will this still get patched?
Audie  [author] Mar 17 @ 9:02pm 
Looks like I'm running into the scarce resource issue now, too. I'm starting to think they changed something with resource spawning in the 2.0.2 beta...
Ana Mar 15 @ 3:53pm 
Generally, I dont discover (Survey with a Science Ship) these until I research them first. So that usually means they dont show up in my initially surveyed areas. Sometimes after researching them I'll see some pop up, but usually looking over my core systems, they show more in systems I survey after Ive reseached them. Anyone notice this?
I think they might be increased a bit more, Expanded Stratergic resources has the same problem.

In 1.9.1 I easily could have up to 10-15 strategic resources per system, now it's at most 8ish
Audie  [author] Mar 11 @ 10:47am 
That's odd. I increased the rarity of all resources, but they should still be more common than the vanilla strategic resources. I've had no issues with them spawning even while using PD and RS.

One thing you can do to test if it's working is to start a new game with no AI players, then open the console and enter "research_technologies" "advanced_galaxy" (do this until your empire covers most of the galaxy. It might take a while, so be patient). Then open up the strategic resources tab and see how many of each resource has spawned.

It's also worth noting that on smaller galaxy sizes (especially tiny), sometimes resources don't spawn, even with vanilla resources. On a tiny map I just tested, there was no Blue Tiberium, Neutronium, Tungsten, Gold, Uranium, or TItanium. Even when playing vanilla with no mods installed, smaller maps will sometimes not spawn certain strategic resources. It's all chance-based.
Dr. Snake, PhD Mar 11 @ 4:13am 
First up - great mod. Thanks for all your hard work.

Secondly, just want to report that I'm finding the same as Ana is below.

Finally, a quick question: do the benefits from Helium-3 stack? I don't see a tooltip or line under my Energy Credits for its bonuses, so I don't know.