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Everything Spawns for Vanilla
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Oct 16, 2017 @ 2:11pm
Jun 27 @ 6:40am
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Everything Spawns for Vanilla

A mostly-all-in-one mod for things that spawn!

Adds These Things
Prethoryn Scourge, Extradimensional Invaders, and The Contingency all allowed to occur
There will always be a War in Heaven
Sol will spawn in one way or another
Nomads will always show up in the galaxy
Marauder mid-game crisis is almost certainly going to happen
All precursors can be found
Every Guardian spawns
Every unique system spawns (Trappist, Sanctuary, Hostiles, Megastructures, etc.)
Fallen Empire (Potential Fallen Empire for non-Utopia owners doesn't spawn for Utopia owners)

Does NOT Add
Horizon Signal event chain chance (For those who don't want it)
Remove bottleneck system and empire cluster restrictions for systems

I do not guarentee compatibility for any mods that mess with:
Events fallen_empires_awakening.1 OR fallen_empire_awakening_events.txt
Events game_start.1, game_start.5 OR game_start.txt
Events precursor.1, precursor.500, precursor.1000, precursor.1500, precursor.2000, OR precursor_events.txt
Among others...

Just some final notes: If certain things do not spawn, then it might just be because there wasn't enough available stars. I have checked on a Tiny galaxy with max empires and there was no crystal hive.

Only Precursors
Only Crises
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Segd Jun 27 @ 7:27am 
Thanks for the reply. It doesn't look like duplicates cause the mod and vanilla use same names. But in reality you have 2 of each when you swipe through sizes :) You can notice it if you have some extra mods adding starting scenarios. Not critical of course, but makes the mod cleaner ;)
That One Communist Fellow  [author] Jun 27 @ 6:54am 
I play with this mod, and I never see duplicates of the setup scenarios except with certain other mods. If you wish to delete the folder yourself, go to [Root]\Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\281990\1171614584 and manually delete it.
If you want to prevent it from ever updating from my mod ever again, launch the Stellaris launcher, go to Mods, click Mod tools, click Create Mod, fill in the details then make the mod.
Create a folder called "map" inside your mod's folder. Copy the vanilla setup_scenarios folder into that folder then go open your mod's .mod file. Add dependencies={ "Everything Spawns for Vanilla" } (Make sure you don't have the launcher or game open when editting the .mod file)
Play with your mod and this mod then you are set! All this does is overwrite my changes to the setup scenarios with the original setup scenarios.
Segd Jun 27 @ 2:39am 
Hi, thanks for the great mod!
But can you delete setup_scenarios folder? It doesn't do anything mod related and duplicates setup scenarios in-game.
That One Communist Fellow  [author] May 27 @ 10:39am 
You mean the leviathans are spawning more than twice? That is odd. Certainly not the fault of this mod (if you are using Solar System Spawner, then I have observed it causes that effect sometimes). I only lightly touch the generation settings for the galaxy, adding one to the number of fallen empires you can have (to accomadate the pre-apocalypse one). Also, 2 insights aren't enough to use the L-Gates. You need 7, I think. They are very specific and unique to only travel to the L-Cluster, which has a gate that can travel to any of the other L-Gates. After gaining the number of insights needed and choosing to reactivate the gates, only then is the L-Cluster spawned and the L-Gates useable. That is completely vanilla and I don't think I even touched them.
I was downed! I May 27 @ 3:21am 
L-gates having "no known destination" "we have no means to travel" and "we require insight" even though I have Gate Travel and 2 Insight is not caused by this mod, right? It's the only "Galaxy Generation" mod I've activated and all beasts seem to spawn twice or more. Is this L-cluster something that can be overwritten by galaxy generation modding? Really bugging me, i need some nanites, please!
That One Communist Fellow  [author] May 26 @ 3:49pm 
Hardly. Half of my mods aren't even up to date.
ickt2000 May 26 @ 2:25am 
You are best moder
That One Communist Fellow  [author] May 24 @ 2:39pm 
debugtooltip, hover over stars and look for precursor tags. Check the precursor file for which precursors have what tags.
Percy May 24 @ 2:04pm 
It was worth a shot :p, thank you! By any chance do you know of any chance to find out what precursors spawn near you at start without having to survey everything in sight?
That One Communist Fellow  [author] May 24 @ 12:22pm 
@Percy Sorry, but the different precursors are in different parts of the galaxy. I'm not going to change the core spawning algorithms of the precursors.