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SUM - Balancing Collection
Mods to be used to balance stellaris for a more resonable experience while using many game-changing mods.
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SUM - Larger Galaxies
Created by Sumrex
Current supported version: 2.1.0

Current mod version: 1.0.2

FIXED FOR 2.0, be careful with mods that modify galaxy generation as they can cause infinite loading screens.
Also due to the 2.0 hyperlane algorithm, load times are absolutely rediculous. ...
SUM - More Core Worlds
Created by Sumrex
Current supported version: 2.0.0

Current mod version: 1.0.0

A mod that simply increases allowed core worlds from 3 to 7. Essentially this is a balance for games with larger galaxies, like 5000 stars or more or just for people who dislike the small nu...
SUM - Balanced Points (Traits, Ethics, Etc.)
Created by Sumrex
Current supported version: 2.1.0

Current mod version: 1.0.1

This is a mod for those of us who have mods which add traits, ethos, or civics to Stellaris. It's designed to allow more customization while also keeping things balanced and reasonable.

Balance Apocalypse
Created by Sumrex
Current Supported Version: 2.1.0

Current Mod Version: 1.0

A massive amount of balancing changes to make 2.0 a more enjoyable and balanced experience. This is tailored to my modding experience so it does assume that you have some extra tradition mods,...
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Kepos Oct 18, 2017 @ 2:15pm 
Great collection of essential mods. Thx!